Lake Garda inspired lifestyle brand Garda Lakers signs first licensing partner in Spreadshirt

Garda Lakers, the destination and lifestyle brand that takes inspiration from the Italian attitude towards life and the world-famous Lake Garda, has signed its first licensing partnership with the Spreadshirt platform.

Designed to epitomise the culture of the famous beauty spot, known for its close ties to the sporting worlds of windsurfing, sailing, and its aspirational lifestyle, the current range consists of tote bags, t-shirts, hoodies, pillows, and more.

The Garda Lakers lifestyle brand is currently registered for 16 classes, including clothing, food and beverage, sport articles, cosmetics and health care, vehicles, books and magazine, bars and restaurants, and more. The brand is a European trademark owned by the German-based Hartmut Leger.

Sailing under the tag line, Wind of Victories, the Garda Lakers brand has also secured a textile series dedicated to Peler and Ora, the two main winds that blow at Malcesine, the spot on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. The brand has been developed in homage to the natural elements that make the area world famous with the sports scene.

The Spreadshirt products are now available across 15 European countries.