Rights & Brands signs ‘Master of horror’ artist Hans Arnold with portfolio of 2,000 illustrations

Rights & Brands has signed with Hans Arnold Productions to represent the ‘Master of Horror’ artist and illustrator and his portfolio of surrealistic, horror, mystery, and fantasy art.

A Swiss-Swedish artist who died in 2010, Hans Arnold has often been referred to as the ‘Swedish Salvador Dali’, recognised for a style that makes everyday items appear ghostlike and unsettling.

Having grown up in a strict and conservative Catholic area in Sursee, Switzerland, Arnold has attributed his obsession with horror, fairytales, and women, to his upbringing.

“My sister adored nuns and dragged me to the Catholic church,” he said of his childhood. “Mother was a protestant and dragged me to the Protestant church. My grandfather was a train driver and took me to the pub.

“In church, I learned all about hell, at the pub I learned all about beer, swearing and telling filthy stories.”

After finishing art school in Luzern and traveling Europe, Arnold settled in Stockholm in Sweden where he worked as an illustrator for magazines, papers, and children’s books. He finally got his big break as the ‘Master of Horror’ while illustrating short stories known as Veckans chock in the women’s magazine Veckorevyn.

Alongside children’s book illustrations, Arnold is well known for ABBA’s Greatest hits cover. He also made a name for himself in animation, TV vignettes, opera, theatre, and TV scenorgraphy.

Rights & Brands now represents a portfolio of over 2,000 illustrations created by the artist.