Terra Virtua lands digital collectables deal with Warner Bros for Godzilla vs Kong

A pioneer of the immersive collectables platform, Terra Virtua, has landed a new licensing agreement with Legendary Entertainment to create a line of digital collectables based on Warner Bros Pictures and Pegendary’s upcoming Godzilla vs Kong.

The new partnership will allow fans across the world to bring the titans to life in full 3D virtual reality through a platform that will allow them to experience the brute strength of Kong and the behemoth Godzilla. The Titans and other characters from the franchise will being rolling out on to the Terra Virtua marketplace in time for the film’s release this March 31st.

The collaboration between Terra Virtua and Legendary first began in 2019 with the launch of digital collectables based on Legendary Television and Netflix’s reboot of the science fiction classic Lost in Space and continued with a collection based on the blockbuster film Pacific Rim Uprising.

Terra Virtua’s marketplace includes a number of digital collectibles, featuring characters from both Season One and Season Two of Lost in Space, along with full-size and fully animated versions of Pacific Rim Uprising’s Jaegers, including Gypsy Avenger. One such Jaeger sold on New Year’s Day for $5000 and now resides in a superfan’s TerraDome, which is accessible via Terra Virtua’s app on a PC.

“Digital collectibles allow fans to interact with their favorite characters in a way never experienced before, and to be working with the pioneers in the industry is truly exciting,” said Sam Rappaport, director of Interactive Media at Legendary Entertainment.

Directed by Adam Wingard, Godzilla vs. Kong is the long-awaited face-off between these two mighty titans, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. With spectacular fight scenes and an unforeseen force drawing them together, it’s the ultimate showdown and therefore the ideal opportunity to be  bringing these Legendary monsters into the Terra Virtua ecosystem.

“This franchise is one of the most recognizable brands in the world; these characters have been on our screens for over 88 years; so to say we’re excited about bringing this film pairing on board would be an understatement,” said Gary Bracey, co-founder of Terra Virtua.

“And, what’s more exciting is that we’re also releasing a full VR experience on Oculus Quest, so when we say we’re fully immersive, we really mean it.”

Terra Virtua (www.terravirtua.io), with global headquarters in London, England, has evolved the digital collectibles market from simply collecting virtual items to completing and showcasing collections through new, interactive and immersive experiences.