Reemsborko signs on as EMEA agent for Gloomy Bear, All Purpose Bunny and Mimi & Neko

Reemsborko, the licensing agency specialising in animé and animé-adjacent properties, comics, films, TV and tattoo art, has teamed with Octas to bring Mori Chack’s Gloomy Bear and other IPs to EMEA.

Created by Japanese illustrator Mori Chack in 2000, the cute-yet-edgy, cuddly-but-violent Gloomy Bear took hold when counter-culture enthusiasts embraced him as the perfect antithesis to the typically cute but harmless kawaii characters loved by the mainstream.

Now, fueled by 30 short humorous animé episodes that will stream everywhere, Gloomy Bear is being licensed around the globe, with Funko, Bioworld, Isaac Morris, ID Supply, GE Animation and Fossil already on board as partners.

A long-form Gloomy Bear anime series is also planned, which will stream globally.

Other Mori Chack properties that will be represented by Reemsborko across EMEA include All Purpose Bunny – a genetically modified test-lab rabbit with strange properties and unnaturally long ears, who finally retaliated against humans for years of abuse. All Purpose Bunny and Gloomy Bear often team up to attack humans and get their revenge.

Also included in the Mori Chack portfolio are Mimi and Neko, a friendly duo of a cat and a bunny with cute bum cheeks as their charm point. Their origin story begins with Mimi and Neko as regular pets who aspired to become human. Suddenly, a magic star came along and granted their wish – but the wish was only 50 per cent effective. Mimi & Neko now have hands and feet, and distinctly cute behinds.

Max Arguile of Reemsborko commented: “Reemsborko continues to sign the most interesting IP out there. Octas are masters in securing very cool properties that will delight anime fans everywhere. There are some great partners on board already and if this looks right for you, please email”

Vince Shortino of Octas commented: “Octas brings Japanese artists and their IP to the world. We are delighted to have Reemsborko as the agent for all our cherished properties and look forward to the hustle they will bring.”

Octas was established in 2018 by Shortino, the founder of Crunchyroll Japan. With a mission to connect Japanese creators and their IP directly to fans around the world, Octas provides artists with collaboration opportunities, marketing support, brand management and business development.