Hasbro is scaling down its classic gaming titles in Mini Puzzles partnership with YWow Brands

YWow Brands, a toy company specialising in novelty puzzles and games, has landed a new partnership with Hasbro to develop an assortment of five collectable Mini Puzzles based on its popular Hasbro Gaming titles.

Monopoly, Monopoly Junior, Cluedo, Operation, and Trivial Pursuit all feature in the new range of Mini Puzzles, each designed to resemble a miniature version of the iconic games, enabling gaming fans across the world to experience their favourite titles in a new way.

YWow Brands has quickly become a recognisable name in the Mini and Supersized licensed puzzles arena,  and today boasts a range of global licensing partners across its portfolio. YWow products are currently being shipped to more than 40 markets around the world and are sold in various toy and department stores.

“Some Mini Puzzles are highly sought after in the puzzle market and are catching the attention of internet users due to their massive viral potential. YWOW is revolutionizing the puzzle industry, opening doors to endless possibilities by combining popular brands with puzzles, ‘puzzlizing’ any brand or product loved by all ages,” read a statement from the company.

YWow’s collaboration with Hasbro aims to ‘bring home the fun for all families and all children, globally’.

The 24-piece puzzles will be available in most major markets as unique collectibles starting this year.

YWOW Games makes US market debut with Kraft Heinz licensed games line-up

The international games and puzzle company, YWOW Brands has made its big move on the American market with the launch of a new range of Kraft Heinz branded novelty puzzles.

The deal was brokered by Kraft Heinz’s exclusive licensing agency, Brand Central, and arrives as YWOW continues to make waves on the global games and puzzles scene through a portfolio of products that combines some of the most recognisable household brands with puzzles.

Last year saw YWOW secure licensing partnerships with some of the world’s best-loved food brands, including Pringles, Kellogg’s, and Mentos. The range is currently being shipped to over 40 markets around the world amid ‘soaring demand’ for the company’s licensed ranges.

According to YWOW, its Mini Puzzles Kellogg’s and Pringles are ‘rapidly selling out in the UK,’ while growing online sales have taken the range into further international markets.

The company has recently taken on a venture to spread the Novelty Puzzle hype to the USA and to do so, has partnered with one of the country’s own best-loved food brands.

YWOW Brands’ partnership with Kraft Heinz has led to the creation of new puzzle lines. The three brands of focus are ones closest to the hearts of Americans: HEINZ, KOOL AID and JELL-O.

“With the firepower of these brands and the innovative capacity of YWOW Brands, the team is prepared to transform the current Toy market in the United States,” read a statement from the firm.

“The brand-new licensed puzzles will appear in the form of Mini and Supersized puzzles in major retailers, designed using striking bold packaging to catch the eye of the consumer. YWOW Brands is expected to have great success launching their puzzles in North America with a guarantee that the global Puzzle market will never be the same.”

Kodak snaps up Rocket Licensing for UK, Eire, and European licensing programme

The iconic Kodak brand has snapped up Rocket Licensing as its licensing agency for the UK and Eire as well as Europe, as the firm begins to build a consumer products programme across the regions.

In its role – marking a new step for Rocket, an expert in character, entertainment, and publishing licensing – who will focus the campaign on a range of categories including apparel, accessories, stationery (including arts and crafts), publishing, games and puzzles, and collaborations.

The team will target a primarily adult and millennial audience and is looking to place product principally in fashion and mid-tier retail.

Kodak is a 130 year-old company, which is known worldwide by its instantly recognisable red and yellow logo, which has evolved over the years. The company offers an extensive library of classic and modern logos, branding and advertising, which is ideal for developing into exciting, impactful and desirable licensed collections.

To date, Kodak has created far reaching collaborations with A list celebrities, Lulu Guinness and Cara Delavigne, leading designer, Lama Jouni, and key retailer, Forever 21, among others. Rocket will be building on these solid foundations with best in class partners to create on-trend, appealing consumer products and campaigns.

Rob Wijeratna, joint MD, Rocket Licensing, said: “We’re really looking forward to the opportunity to build the Kodak brand in the UK and extend it throughout Europe. Kodak is an iconic brand, known worldwide and offers a wealth of fantastic creative assets to build exciting new collections.”

Clara Fort, Kodak VP global brand licensing, added: “Collaborating with an award-winning partner like Rocket Licensing is an important opportunity for Kodak. The combined strengths of the iconic Kodak brand and Rocket’s creativity and experience will help us bring exciting products and collections to consumers across the UK and Europe.”

YWOW Games partners with Swizzels as its continues plans to ‘revolutionise games and puzzles’

YWOW Games is continuing its mission to ‘revolutionise the games and puzzles industry’ through a new partnership with Swizzels for a range of Swizzels puzzles. It’s part of the company’s ongoing plans to bring household brands to the collectable jigsaw puzzles market.

In a deal brokered by Blonde Sheep Licensing, YWOW has struck up its partnership with the firm recognised as one of the longest established manufacturers of confectionery in the UK, to bring a puzzle assortment featuring a range of some of Swizzels’ most iconic brands.

Love Hearts and Drumstick Squashies will both feature in the collection.

YWOW kicked off the innovative brand ‘Mini Puzzles’ with Kellogg’s and Pringles earlier this year, with distribution channels reaching most major markets. According to the firm, the two licensed puzzle lines are selling out in major retailers in the UK and outperforming their competitors in specialty stores and hypermarkets.

‘It is evident from the brand’s success in these markets that the current circumstances make puzzles even more of an evergreen category,’ said the firm.

YWOW Games has indicated that it is ‘only just getting started’ with its licensing programme and has promised to bring the range to all markets.

“YWOW are already seeing success with other iconic brands across puzzles and I have no doubt this success will continue with the Swizzels brands,” said Natasha Dyson, managing director, Blonde Sheep Licensing. “It has been a pleasure working with such an enthusiastic team.”

YWOW Games continues mission to ‘revolutionise the market’ with Perfetti Van Melle partnership

YWOW Games, an up and coming games and puzzles company on a mission to ‘revolutionise the market’ by combining global household brands with collectable jigsaw puzzles, has expanded its best-selling range through a new partnership with the confectionery brand, Perfetti Van Melle.

The fast-growing company launched onto the scene with its brand Mini Puzzles earlier this year when it introduced its Kellogg’s and Pringles range via distribution channels reaching most major markets. According to the firm, the two licensed puzzles lines are already selling out in major retailers in the UK.

Now, building on the momentum of the launch, YWOW Games have finalised a global licensing deal with Perfetti Van Melle for its iconic Mentos brand. Not only will the license occupy a solid space within the Mini Puzzles brand, but will also be one of the first licenses that make up the new SuperSized puzzles line.

SuperSized puzzles are 500 to 1000-piece vintage puzzles packaged in extra-large packaging resembling the brand’s own packaging.

“It is evident from the brand’s success in these markets that the current circumstances make puzzles even more of an evergreen category,” said the firm.

“It is safe to say YWOW Games are only just getting started with their license deals, and they promise to bring to all markets their iconic puzzles based on the A-brands for all categories.”

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