Lalique Group to create fragrances for Superdry

Lalique Group has announced a worldwide perfume licensing agreement with global fashion brand Superdry, in a deal brokered by IMG.

Under the terms of the agreement, which will initially run through 2032, Lalique Group will exclusively create and distribute a collection of women’s and men’s perfumes for Superdry, with the first fragrance being launched in spring 2024. Building on Superdry’s reputation within key markets including the UK, US, Europe, and Asia, the fragrance will be distributed and marketed through Lalique Group’s global distribution network.

Founded in the UK in 2003, Superdry has a significant global presence. It operates in over 50 countries with 228 physical stores, around 480 franchisees and licensees, and Superdry’s digital experience retailing to over 100 countries worldwide.

Roger von der Weid, CEO of Lalique Group, says: “We are delighted to be Superdry’s exclusive perfume partner. Working with this young, dynamic brand with its distinctive style offers us a great opportunity to further expand our brand portfolio and to increasingly target the young generation as part of our client base.”

Julian Dunkerton, CEO of Superdry, adds: “We’ve got great momentum in our brand and its distinct style choices. These will be complemented by our new Superdry fragrances and I am excited to be partnering with Lalique Group, a premium partner very consistent with our brand. Importantly, our agreement also includes strong commitments on the sustainability of how the fragrances are produced and packaged.”

With the new licence for Superdry fragrances, Lalique Group is expanding its existing perfume portfolio, which includes the brands Lalique Parfums, Brioni, Jaguar Fragrances, Bentley Fragrances, Parfums Grès, and Parfums Samouraï.

Floral Street channels Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in first of its kind fragrance partnership

The independent, sustainable British Brand, Floral Street has struck up a collaboration with the internationally revered Van Gogh Museum in a deal that will see fine art meet fine fragrance for the first time.

Under the partnership, Floral Street has developed a new fragrance that channels the Dutch artist’s passion for the natural world and nature, ‘bringing to life the optimism of one of the world’s most famous masterworks in both scent and floral design,’ taking on the fragrance and artistic appeal of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Described as a fruity-citrus fragrance, the new launch is both a vegan and cruelty free, luxury eau de parfum that ‘arrives bursting with rays of optimism,’ as intentioned by its creator, the master perfumer, Jerȏme Epinette.

Epinette is known for his mastery of sustainable natural raw materials, which are traceable from source to scent.

“The idea was to capture the vibrance and beauty of the South of France, while also somehow painting the passage of the day. I started with an impactful top where a burst of morning sun comes alive in the citrus and fruits, while the heart brings the heat of the afternoon with a rich and colourful floralcy,” said Epinette. “The back then carries us into early evening with a poppy sweetness and a touch of unexpected warmth that makes it fun, yet truly luxurious.”

Ian Wickham of Licensing Link Europe, said: “This is the first product to launch within the Floral Street range of personal and home fragrances and we are super excited by the reaction the product is getting from retailers around the world.

“What Floral Street has delivered is a superb example of an incredible quality product created through a thorough understanding of the story behind Sunflowers and then delivered in a completely sustainable way – even the packaging cartons that hold the bottle are fully biodegradable and can be reused as seed planters once finished with.”

Among the ingredients used in the fragrance is natural bergamont fro Calabria in Italy to provide a fresh, peppery herbaceous scent “that is lightly sweet and brings a unique sparkle to this citrus composition,” as well as mandarin which brings a bright, summery hue to the fragrance.

The perfume also features a warm honey accord – a nature identical, vegan synthetic blend created to mimic the aroma of fresh honey, and a Bellini accord – described as “a fantasy note that brings an effervescent ‘pop’ to the perfume.”

The new Sunflower Pop fragrance is available from August 1st, 2021, on, in the Van Gogh Museum and retailers worldwide.

Dolly Parton releases her own fragrance, Dolly – Scent from Above in Scent Beauty partnership

The globally revered singer-songwriter, Dolly Parton has teamed up with Scent Beauty to launch her first signature fragrance, Dolly – Scent from Above.

Billed in an official press release as butterflies, hearts, and hope – though we sincerely hope not literally – the new fragrance aims to tap into the inspirational ‘rags to rhinestones’ life story of Parton herself as she continues her own mission to ‘spread love and hope around the world.’

Scent Beauty is the world’s first multi-brand e-commerce platform for bespoke fragrances, offering unique, culturally relevant fragrances to consumers worldwide.

“I call my Dolly perfume “Scent from Above” because it is excellently heavenly. I hope you feel as blessed and as pretty as I do when you wear it,” said Parton, who recently received two Emmy Awards for her Netflix Christmas movie, Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square.

Stephen Mormoris, CEO of Scent Beauty, added “Dolly Parton is a cultural icon that’s resonating with people all over the world. She is cross-generational. We’re honored that she chose to work with Scent Beauty for her first foray into the world of beauty and see this as the start of a long-term, successful partnership.”

In addition to retailing via Scent Beauty’s website, HSN will launch the fragrance exclusively on July 28th followed by additional mass market retailers.

“As an admired musical icon and adored philanthropist with her endless contributions spanning over several decades, we are excited to add Dolly’s fragrance to our portfolio and share her inspirational story with our customers,” said Bridget Love, GMM, VP Beauty Merchandising, QVC & HSN.

With over 60 years of music and dozens of awards garnering more than 100 million albums worldwide; Dolly Parton is known globally for her philanthropic endeavors, having given away over 157 million books to children around the world and counting.

The fragrance was developed through partnerships facilitated by Dolly’s licensing representative IMG.

Van Gogh Museum secured fragrance partner in Floral Street through Licensing Link Europe deal

Licensing Link Europe has secured a new partnership between the independent, clean and sustainable fragrance brand, Floral Street, and the internationally revered Van Gogh Museum. The four year deal will see a line of fragrances and scented home products celebrate the works of Vincent Van Gogh.

A first of its kind collaboration, the partnership will explore how the artist’s passion for the natural world has inspired sustainable scent creations.

“I’m honoured that Floral Street has been chosen as the first fragrance brand to partner with the Van Gogh Museum. Drawing inspiration from Vincent van Gogh’s timeless masterpieces, we discovered a shared love of nature and finding beauty in the everyday. Through this collaboration, we are able to tell our story in a new way, in which the beauty of art and fragrance meet,”  said Michelle Feeney, founder of Floral Street

The partnership will see the first global launch in August 2021, and it will bring to life the beauty and optimism of one of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous masterworks. 

Floral Street and the Van Gogh Museum share a mission to inspire a diverse audience for future generations. Our collaboration offers a fresh and different way to experience the art of Van Gogh,”  said Emilie Gordenker, General Director, Van Gogh Museum.