Swizzels cooks up a treat in cookie mix partnership with Food Innovations Baking Group

The British sweet manufacturer, Swizzels, has teamed with Food Innovations Baking Group to launch a Giant Drumstick Squashie Cookie mix, bringing the Original Raspberry and Milk Drumstick and Drumstick Original flavours to a new market of sweet-toothed fans.

The cookie mix is now available at B&M stores nationwide, targeting Squashies fans across the country, or any one looking to jazz up their celebrations this summer with personalised cookies. The mix is baked with with Original Raspberry and Milk flavoured Drumstick Squashies, and comes with Drumstick Original flavoured icing.

The range has been developed to tap into the demand for giant cookies that, according to Food Innovations, has been growing here in the UK.

Sarah-Louise, marketing manager at Swizzels, said: “Drumstick Squashies is our best selling product, so we’re thrilled to have combined it with a cookie mix, allowing fans to enjoy Squashies in a new, fun way.

“The personalisation element also makes it perfect for so many celebrations – whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or even a gender reveal party, it’s a great alternative to a celebration cake.”

Clare Boothman, brand and licensing manager at Food Innovations, said: “Giant cookies have increased in popularity and this collaboration with Swizzels’ Drumstick Squashies is a winning combination. They look fantastic on fixture and the kits are consumer friendly to make for all ages. We are receiving amazing feedback from consumers on this product as it allows them to show their creative side.”

Swizzels is the UK’s largest family-owned independent sugar confectionery business and one of the few confectionery companies to still manufacture sweets in the UK.

The company makes a range of well-known products including Love Hearts, Refreshers, Drumstick Lollies, Rainbow Drops, Double Lollies, Squashies and Fruity Pops.