WWE taps skateboard brand Enjoi for exclusive new range as the sport readies for Olympic spotlight

WWE has tagged in the California-based skateboard brand, Enjoi as its latest licensing partner in a new deal that will see the creation of a special collection of skateboard decks featuring a variety of WWE Legends.

The partnership was first revealed on the popular skateboarding podcast, The Nine Club and will see the likes of WWE Hall of Famers Jimmy Hart, The Junkyard Dog, and Gene Okerlund feature on the first wave of decks, with additional decks featuring WWE Legend Undertaker and WWE Hall of Famers Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Jake the Snake Roberts.

The first wave of decks will be available exclusively on thenineclub.com, while wave two will be released on enjoi.com.

The collaboration between WWE and the skateboard brand arrives during a spike in interest in the global skateboarding scene. For the first time, the sport is to be featured at the Olympic Games in Tokyo this year, placing it well within the spotlight for global audiences, while the pandemic has driven a worldwide resurgence in the hobby as audiences have either returned to the sport or taken it up for the first time under social distancing measures.

Here in the UK, skateboarding has been subject to a sweeping surge of interest, with the number of active participants somewhere between seven to nine per cent higher than the year prior. In fact, the UK skateboarding body, Skateboard GB has reported 2020 as the sport’s ‘first sell-out year in history’.

Last month, the US toymaker Jakks Pacific launched a partnership with The Heart Supply’s signature collection of ‘do-gooder brand’ skateboards, developed by the founder of Element Skateboards himself, Johnny Schillereff with the aim of making quality skateboards more inclusive, accessible and affordable to all audiences.

Meanwhile, Enjoi has previously collaborated with a diverse range of brands, including KISS and My Little Pony to create special skateboard decks for fanbases around the world.

Enjoi celebrated its 20th anniversary last year and was named Transworld’s Team of the Year in 2016.