Emoji partners with 7-Eleven Malaysia to launch EmoBear loyalty programme

The international convenience store chain 7-Eleven has teamed up with Emoji to launch a new collectable premium loyalty programme to consumers across Malaysia. Called EmoBear TM, the collection features 27 different designs, each featuring a different emoji brand icon.

Customers of 7-Eleven Malaysia will be rewarded with loyalty stickers anytime they spend RM5 or over at a participating outlet from now until August 16 this year. They will receive a bonus sticker if the purchase includes an item from a selected partner, which includes brands such as Pepsi, Cadbury, and Marigold.

Once they have accrued a total of 24 stickers, they can exchange their collection for an EmoBear, choosing from a range featuring Luvly, Starry, Wannabey, Notty, and Ka-Chingy.

Alternatively, customers can purchase an EmoBear for the price of RM9.90 and 12 stickers.

But that’s not all. Customers can also download and sign up as a My7ETM loyalty app member to enjoy more benefits when they shop with 7-Eleven, including an annual birthday reward, exclusive in-app monthly product e-stamp cards that reward members based on repeat purchases, and more.

“The popularity of the emoji brand and its emoji icons has inspired us to integrate them into our loyalty programme. Emoji brand icons are not only changing the way we express ourselves through text, but also expanding the way we communicate,” said Ronan Lee, general manager of marketing at 7-Eleven Malaysia.

“The use of icons has become an usual feature in our daily communications on digital mediums, and we are certain that these adorable plush toys would definitely be a hit among fans. As a bonus, customers may also participate in our social media contest called ‘Take a picture with your #EMOJIBEAR’ from June 22nd until August 2nd, 2020.

“A total of 10 winner will stand a chance to take home three EmoBears of their choice. To participate in the contest, one just has to snap a photo with their redeemed 7-Eleven #EmoBear and upload the most creative photo on their Facebook or Instagram account with hashtags #PictureWithEMOBEAR, #EMOBEAR and #7ElevenMY in the caption.”