Lionsgate partners with Egan Escape Productions to bring Blair Witch experience to Las Vegas

Lionsgate has partnered with Egan Escape Productions to launch an immersive escape experience in Las Vegas, based on the studio’s popular horror franchise, Blair Witch. The experience is scheduled to open this summer.

Escape Blair Witch will bring the horror film franchise to life at the Fright Dome, the same venue that houses the Official Saw Escape: Las Vegas, which launched back in 2018. The escape experience is another step in building out the world of The Blair Witch, following the popularity of the video game from Lionsgate and Bloober Team.

“Over the years we have partnered with Lionsgate many times to create world-class attractions,” said Jason Egan, owner of Egan Escape Productions.

“Way back in 2009 when we first worked with the Lionsgate team to bring the Saw films to life at our iconic Halloween attraction, Fright Dome, I could only have dreamed to be embarking on so many exciting projects with a world-class team.”

“To be able to offer Escape Blair Witch and the Official SAW Escape: Las Vegas all under one roof is truly amazing,” Egan added.

Escape Blair Witch visitors will find themselves immersed in the village of Burkittsville, Maryland where they investigate mysterious events and disappearances. Visitors will work together to escape various rooms, including trekking through the Black Hills Forest. Co-operation will be required to escape multiple rooms that bring the classic film and the curse of the Blair Witch to life.

“Fans will be able to immerse themselves like never before in the Black Hills Forest from The Blair Witch,” said EVP and head of Lionsgate Global Live, Interactive, and Location Based Entertainment, Jenefer Brown.

“We are thrilled to partner with Egan Escape Productions again, and by launching Escape Blair Witch alongside The Official Saw Escape, Las Vegas will become the can’t-miss destination for great Lionsgate horror experiences all year round.”