Edutainment Licensing named worldwide licensing agent for preschool publishing brand Eat Dirt

Edutainment Licensing has been appointed the worldwide exclusive licensing agent for the new preschool publishing brand, Eat Dirt, a franchise that spans story books and poems that encourage a love of veggies, children’s gardening, and healthy habits among kids’ aged two to five.

Written by the US author and illustrator, Stacy Moore, the Eat Dirt stories and poems have been inspired by fond childhood memories of romping outside in the garden while munching freshly picked berries and digging in the dirt. The books’ veggie characters each have their own personalities, representing all children of all races and body types.

Moore’s work also features a cast of more unusual characters that don’t fit any mold, such as Green Thumb Chums (a two headed friendly garden monster), Peeve (a little pet compost pile), and unusual boggish creatures, all developed with the idea of being relatable to children and readers.

While every veggie and animal character are different from one another, everyone is accepted and loved and valued. They each contribute their own special skills to the garden community. 

‘Beans don’t expect tomatoes to be like beans, toads don’t expect owls to be like toads, dragonflies don’t expect worms to fly, nor do they think they are better because they can – they can’t dig holes like worms!’ read a statement from the team. 

A rich and comprehensive publishing programme is offered with worldwide rights currently available.

“We are so excited to be working with Stacy – her delightful stories and poems teach kids all about the garden and include a healthy dose of pure silliness, which they love,” said Denise Deane, owner of Edutainment Licensing.

“I am delighted to work with Edutainment Licensing,” added Stacy. “They are a highly successful team dedicated to helping children learn the best way possible – through fun! From my many years of experience as a children’s photographer, I know the importance of keeping kids entertained and happy – otherwise they are off and running.”