Disguise signs multiyear deal for Disney costume rights in EMEA

Leading global costume company Disguise, a division of toy and consumer products manufacturer JAKKS Pacific, today announced a multi-year licensing agreement for a wide range of Disney portfolio brands in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for dress-up, costumes and costume accessories, commencing in spring 2022.

After being a North America costume partner for over 30 years, this is the first time that Disguise has held Disney costume rights in EMEA.

Disguise is poised to have a large and robust offering with its portfolio of Disney brand costumes, with many different characters, sizes and offerings for all age ranges. This expanded line will also leverage JAKKS’ expertise in everyday dress-up and its toy line of feature costumes and accessories, including singing and light-up dresses, dress-up trunks and toyetic roleplay accessories.

Placement in EMEA will allow Disguise to celebrate a range of key international holidays such as Book Week, Carnival, Purim, Halloween, Diwali, Eid-Al-Adha and Christmas. Adding to the mix is Disguise’s new innovation SKUs that include adaptive costumes and wheelchair wraps.

“We are well positioned to expand our Disney offering across EMEA and build the business in Europe like it has never been done before. Our insight and experience will enable us to maximise the category from every perspective,” says Tara Hefter, President and GM of Disguise. “Disney has an endless catalogue of magical and inspirational characters and properties, creating endless possibilities to continue to innovate and deliver amazing product year after year. We are so pleased that Disney EMEA has recognised our expertise and 30-plus year history with Disney costumes in the US.”

In anticipation, Disguise is ramping up a team of costume experts to expand on JAKKS’ already existing EMEA team and footprint. These positions include sales, design, marketing and logistics.

“We are busy building up our team for this effort as well as solidifying our distribution channels and retail partnerships. In addition to our own expansion, we are also working closely with JAKKS on maximising the dolls, roleplay and dress-up businesses as well,” says David Carscadden, Managing Director of Disguise UK.