Moose Toys teams with family YouTube channel Collins Key for new activity range

Moose Toys is teaming with the family YouTube channel, Collins Key starring the online stars Collins and Devan Key, to launch an activity line that will allow fans to recreate the DIY challenges and projects the pair undertake, at home.

CollinsKey is recognised as the number one YouTube channel for compounds, activities, and creativity. Collins and Devan Key boast more than 21.5 million subscribers and over 5 billion total views. The CollinsKey  collection taps into the pair’s authenticity, energy and passion, and their over the top challenges to bring innovative play to the activity aisle.

The new range will launch this autumn and will feature boxed play-sets in two categories: Fake Food Challenges and pranks and Collectables. The hero item in the first collection will be the Fake Food Challenge Wheel, inspired by the show’s own Mystery Wheel Challenge. Players will take turns spinning the wheel to receive their challenge, and then use their tools to shape and mould their compounds into food items.

“We worked closely with Collins and Devan to translate their vibrant and engaging personalities and approach to family-friendly fun into tangible games for everyone to enjoy,” said Joe Smith, director of global marketing, licensed brands, Moose Toys.

“This is Collins and Devan’s first national partnership in consumer products, and we’re honored to work with like-minded innovators to bring their wildly popular challenges to their biggest fans — and introduce new fans to their world.”

Another theme seen within Collins and Devan Key’s programming is lighthearted and fun pranks. The Ultimate Unboxing Game pits two players against each other, racing to find the key within one of three mystery boxes, with the losing person presented with a gross surprise.

For the Mystery Box Collectible, players are tasked with blindly feeling around inside a box and guessing what’s hidden inside.

“Devan and I had a blast rolling up our sleeves and collaborating with a category leader like Moose Toys,” Collins Key said. “We’ve loved seeing what we’re so passionate about authentically come to life in this new line of products, and we can’t wait for the #KeyperSquad to try all the wild challenges within this collection.”

Earlier this year, Moose Toys announced it was named the global master toy partner for the Collins Key brand. The Collins Key collection is available exclusively at, Walmart stores starting Sept. 1, and online and at retail locations across the US.