Earthworm Jim lands on retro gaming platform Antstream Arcade in Interplay Entertainment partnership

Earthworm Jim! From the soil he did crawl and onto the retro games platform Antstream Arcade he now falls, thanks to a new licensing deal with Interplay Entertainment.

This is the latest development for Antstream, the games streaming platform that specialises in retro and throw back video game titles. It follows the firm’s recent deal with Bandai Namco and will see popular titles such as Earthworm Jim and Descent become available for gaming fans of a certain vintage across the globe.

With all games streamable over any 4G connection or better and on multiple smart devices, having access to some of the most celebrated titles from the world’s leading games and entertainment brands strengthens Antstream’s position as the de facto retro game streaming company.

For monthly subscription, gamers will be able to play Antstream’s growing library of licensed classics and curios, as well as enjoy the chance to participate in a wide range of global tournaments and leaderboards.

Steve Cottam, CEO at Antstream, said: “Interplay is one of the most iconic and well- respected games publishers and developers, so this deal is hugely important for Antstream.

“Following other high-profile partnerships we have signed, and with more deals in the pipeline, we are clearly demonstrating the strength of our position in the gaming market and the huge growth potential that cloud-based streaming services creates.”

Herve Caen, CEO of Interplay Entertainment, added: “It is always great to partner with a company which is clearly leading the way in gaming and, in this instance, retro gaming. Antstream Arcade is on track to doing just that, substantiated by its strong vision and having a solid understanding and passion for the industry. We are very much looking forward to what this collaboration will deliver.”