Hamsta World lands its own animated series with AMGI Animation Studios

Hamsta World, the Happy Ink owned property based on the lives of a cast of hamsters, has landed its own animated series, thanks to a new partnership with the LA-based AMGI Animation Studios.

AMGI will develop, produce, and distribute the animated series, making it available for video streaming services across the globe.

The project will be headed up by Colin Brady, a renowned animation powerhouse and a former lead animator, animation director with credits hat include blockbusters such as toy Story, Toy Story 2, and A Bug’s Life.

“The entire AMGI Animation team is rolling up our sleeves to work on Da Hamstas. As a parent myself, I have years of personal experience observing the natural playfulness and joy that a character brand like Hamsta World can bring to kids. We’re having a lot of fun exploring premises, music and 3D environments for the Hamsta characters,” said Brady. 

Saskia Keiser, Hamsta creator and CEO of Happy Ink, added: “I am beyond excited to be working with this outstanding team known for its top-notch animation and spearheaded by Colin Brady.

“Partnering with Animagic, I just know my funny Hamstas are in the safe hands of a remarkably talented and experienced group of people. We are absolutely thrilled to enter a 3D Hamsta world that will make our fans around the globe feel right at home.”

Happy Ink continues to push its Hamsta World brand across social media platforms around the world. Adding video streaming and an original series to the mix is a fantastic and exciting new step.

Animagic has started working on adapting the eight different Hamstas to 3D and is drafting stories in close collaboration with Hamsta creator Saskia Keiser. 

Happy Ink’s director of licensing in the US and Canada, Brad Bushell, concluded: “The proliferation of video streaming services has created a huge demand for original video entertainment, especially for children’s animation.

“So, market conditions make this the right time for Hamsta to partner with Animagic to produce fun stories presented through world class animation. It’s a perfect partnership at a perfect time.”