Layer launches digital marketplace to shake up licensing in the gaming space

Australian start-up Layer has launched a dedicated digital licensing marketplace to shake up how licensing deals between brands and games companies are managed.

Layer acts as a matchmaking platform between IP holders looking to extend their licensing activities into the games industry, and game developers and publishers seeking licensable IP to include in their games. With major titles like Fortnite leading the way and leveraging well-known brands to attract and retain players, securing IPs has become a vital part of the business of gaming. On the other hand, IP holders are realising its value and increasingly exploring opportunities in games. The whole idea behind Layer is to make the process of finding the right deal and getting it agreed “so simple that anyone can do it”.

The concept for Layer came about after one of the company’s founders, Rachit Moti, successfully licensed a song from his now-defunct band into a NASCAR racing game. Chris was struck by the legal complexities and opaque nature of the licensing process. In 2021, Rachit, together with Chris Illuk, founded Layer to democratise IP licensing by streamlining and simplifying the whole process. Part of this ambition is to enable as many game creators around the world as possible to work with their favourite brands and characters.

Rachit Moti, CEO & Co-Founder at Layer, explains: “Layer matches game developers to IP holders’ profiles based on commercial requirements, audience overlap and thematic fit. For instance, a developer working on a new game aimed at children can join the platform and be matched with popular children’s characters based on the parameters they set. Once two companies are happy with a match, they can proceed to the negotiation phase to agree commercial terms, all of which is handled within the platform.

“With character skins, themed seasons, or co-branded DLC and other in-game purchases, there are so many more ways well-known IPs can get into the gaming space nowadays. Despite interconnected metaverses potentially being years away, we’re already seeing major brands take their first steps inside these virtual worlds, and this trend will only accelerate.

“Historically, securing an IP was a very complex, labour intensive legal process that was normally reserved for large publishers with the capital and right know-how – something I believe is antiquated and no longer fit for purpose in the modern entertainment landscape. We’re here to change that and give developers of all sizes a seat at the table.”

Signing up to the platform is free. Plus, the Layer team also offers licensing advice to companies that may not be familiar with the licensing process.

The Layer marketplace is already home to over 50 gaming companies and more than 150 well-known brands spanning automotive, celebrity, children’s books, comics, fashion, film and TV, and toys. It’s free, and quick, to sign up, while Layer’s onboarding team provides a white-glove experience setting up each new profile to ensure the highest quality matches for game creators and IP holders.

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Sanrio partners with Player 2 to grow licensing revenue in the global gaming market

Gaming and esports marketing agency Player 2 and global lifestyle brand Sanrio have announced a partnership that will see the two collaborating to grow gaming-related licensing partnerships for its Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters (including Aggretsuko and Gudetama) across the EMEA, India and Oceania regions. Player 2’s work will also include global gaming-related partnerships for Sanrio’s iconic Mister Men Little Miss characters.

Player 2 will lead the efforts to develop specific in-game collaboration programmes that bring awareness of the Sanrio characters to young consumers, while expanding its gaming-related product offerings across in-game activations, peripherals, merchandise collaborations and esports.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to further introduce Hello Kitty and friends along with the Mister Men Little Miss characters to gaming audiences,” says John Pierce, Player 2 Managing Partner. “We look forward to collaborating with the Sanrio team to create intriguing and relevant gaming-related partnerships.”

“Sanrio has been creating smiles for over 50 years,” says Silvia Figini, Chief Operating Officer, Sanrio – EMEA, India and Oceania, Mr. Men – Worldwide. “We’re excited to partner with Player 2 to bring the values, optimism and smiles of our iconic characters to gaming enthusiasts everywhere.”

Sanrio, best known for Hello Kitty who was created in 1974, is home to many other beloved character brands such as My Melody, LittleTwinStars, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Gudetama, Aggretsuko, Chococat, Bad Badtz-Maru, Kerokerokeroppi and the British icons Mr Men & Little Miss. Sanrio boasts an extensive product lineup of around 50,000 products, which are available in over 130 countries and regions around the world.