Intellivsion CEO joins Comic-Con@Home panel to talk the future of family gaming

Intellivision CEO, Tommy Tallarico will be taking centre stage at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con@Home event, alongside a cast of experts in the technology and family gaming space, to discuss just how emerging new tech will shape the future of entertainment.

Intellivision is recognised as a pioneer in the videogaming space, and was one of the first consoles to bring sports licensing into the video gaming arena when it struck up its first US-centric deals with the likes of Major League Baseball in the 1980s. Since then, video games have become an influential part of culture, creativity and connection across the decades.

Tallarico will be joined by the co-founder and CEO of Resolution Games, Tommy Palm, and the tech-entertainment expert and founder of Collabsco, Valerie Vacante for a discussion on how creators are designing new experiences across various platforms to shape the future of family gaming.

Called Transforming Together Time: Family Gaming and the Future of Play, the panel session will take place on Thursday, July 23. The panel will discuss the history and future of gaming, from the console wars, memorable mobile gaming moments and gamifying the world with augmented reality, to taking off into new immersive worlds through VR, voice, and beyond.

According to the latest Verizon research the global gaming market is booming, with 3 billion gamers estimated by 2023. Verizon recently reported a 75 per cent increase in gaming traffic, and according to a recent study by Hasbro, 96 per cent of families playing games feel closer.

“With all of the family togetherness during lockdown, it comes as no surprise that parents are looking for more ways to keep their families engaged and entertained from within the home. We are seeing exponential growth across VR, AR, Voice and Interactive Gaming Market in addition to PC, mobile and console platforms,” said Valerie Vacante, director of strategy at LiveArea and founder of Collabsco.

“Families are spending more time gaming together in new ways than ever before, the near future of gaming is multigenerational, collaborative and immersive.”

Transforming Together Time: Family Gaming and the Future of Play will feature real world examples behind some of the most beloved family gaming experiences and latest announcements. Find out more about the exciting work from Resolution Games, Intellivision Entertainment and Collabsco’s collaborators Virsix Games, Firebolt Games, Rocket Impact and Pressure Games among others.

“Comic-Con is one of the most significant cultural events on the planet. And, VR is quickly emerging to be the ultimate platform where core gamers, Sci-fi and fantasy fanatics, and others can go to immerse themselves in their favourite worlds. Fans can also engage with their favourite characters and games like never before by actually being IN the experience. Seeing these two come together is an exciting sign for what’s to come,” – Tommy Palm, co-founder and CEO at Resolution Games.

“It’s always a huge honour to be a part of Val’s panels. She always brings in the biggest and brightest people at the top of their industries and her commitment to family and fun is boundless.”  – Tommy Tallarico, CEO, Intellivision Entertainment