AKCO and BOTI team up for BATTLE CUBES content and sports licensing deals

AKCO (Andrew Kerr Consulting Inc) is to spearhead content development and licensing endeavours for BATTLE CUBES, the innovative toy from Dutch/Hong Kong toy company BOTI (Big On Toy Innovation). The partnership is kicking off with a global license agreement with the National Hockey League (NHL).

The arrangement between AKCO and BOTI will see AKCO drive the creation of animated BATTLE CUBES content by third party studios, and oversee global distribution and merchandising based upon it, including key global and pan-regional sports licenses for the BATTLE CUBES brand.

The deal between BOTI and the NHL involves BOTI bringing each of the NHL’s  32 teams to life as individual BATTLE CUBES in NHL-branded multi-packs and playsets beginning in mid-2022 in North America and Europe.

Andrew Kerr of AKCO commented: “I’m excited to be working with Nico Blauw (CEO) and his team at BOTI. They are genuinely one of the most capable and creative toy companies in the world.

“BATTLE CUBES is a remarkable toy platform and I’m incredibly pleased to have the NHL on board as our first global sports license – it’s a great combination!”

Nico Blauw of BOTI commented: “I’m very happy to be working with Andrew and AKCO on BATTLE CUBES. We’re off to a tremendous start in Europe with the BATTLE CUBES toy range, winning multiple awards and selling out entirely in many retailers.

“Creating animation for BATTLE CUBES and adding best-in-class sports licenses like the NHL are ideal next steps as we roll out the brand in North America and Asia in the months to come.”

BATTLE CUBES is a proprietary and patent-protected toy platform brought to market in Europe by BOTI in Spring 2021. BATTLE CUBES takes the classic ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ game play and incorporates it within a small, handheld cube that can readily battle with another.

BOTI has partnered with Spanish toy company EOLO to create licensed Marvel’s Avengers and Spider-Man BATTLE CUBES which have consistently sold out in Europe, and have been awarded Toy of the Year for 2021 for both the Netherlands and Belgium, and received the Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center in the US.