Sophie la Girafe makes US licensing move with Anjar Co and Becker Associates

Sophie la Girafe, the now famous baby teething toy, is making a move for the wider lifestyle licensing space, beginning with new property expansion efforts across the US.

DeLiSo (Development Licensing Sophie la Girafe) has appointed Anjar Co. and Becker Associates as its US licensing agent, with the remit of developing, licensing, and distributing Sophie la Girafe branded products across a multitude of categories.

The natural rubber teether has built up a global recognition over the decades since its launch back in 1961, and had accrued sales at more than 50 million units by the time it hit its 55th anniversary.

Anjar and Becker are now looking for new licensing and distribution partners and direct to retail programmes in all categories for the brand, including infant furniture, bedding, accessories, stationery, toiletries and more.

“Sophie la Girafe has a special place in the hearts of all infants throughout the world, so the new partnership is a great addition to our licensing and consumer products portfolio,” said Jonathan Becker, president of Anjar co.

“Sophie la Girafe is ubiquitous in France, where it’s part of the nation’s fabric, and immensely popular in the US and Canada, where it can be found on many baby registries. We aim to have one Sophie la Girafe product in every house, car, and grandparents’ home before Sophie’s 60th birthday celebration in 2021.”

Patti Becker, CEO of Becker Associates, added: “Sophie is a luxury lifestyle brand sold in more than 85 countries. One reason for Sophie’s immense popularity is that she’s all natural, and appeals to all five senses.”

Anjar Co and Becker Associates will present the Sophie la Girafe licensing programme in booth 2118 at Toy Fair New York, running from February 22nd to 25th.