Geronimo Stilton live experience launches in Milan

The world premiere of the first Atlantyca Geronimo Stilton exhibition – “GERONIMO STILTON LIVE EXPERIENCE: THE JOURNEY THROUGH TIME – is taking place until 20 March 2022 at The Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.
The exhibition is aimed at children aged 4 to 12 and their families. Visitors will be accompanied by expert Time Ranger guides as they immerse themselves in the lost world of the dinosaurs, the mysterious world of the ancient Egyptians, and the adventurous world of Treasure Island, playing exciting interactive games and solving puzzles on a quest to rescue top rodent reporter Geronimo.
The Geronimo Stilton book series, published in Italy by Edizioni Piemme-Mondadori Libri, has become a global phenomenon with 175 million books translated into 51 languages sold worldwide and three animated series co-produced with Rai Fiction and distributed in over 130 countries. International publishing rights as well as animation and licensing rights are managed by Atlantyca Entertainment worldwide.

“Geronimo Stilton has always had special powers: he manages to make even the most superficial topics interesting and stimulating even for his young fans,” says Claudia Mazzucco, Atlantyca Entertainment CEO. “The exhibition in Milan makes this gift of his even more real and creates a new bridge between the world of adults and that of children. By visiting the exhibition, children will discover new educational content and will  travel through different historical eras, but adults will also have more fun than they have had in a long time. Because Geronimo Stilton always makes us feel playful and eager to make discoveries, just as we were when we were our children’s age.”

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Geronimo Stilton becomes the official children’s virtual tour guide of Pompeii

Atlantyca Entertainment partners with NAKAS GROUP for Geronimo Stilton stationery

Atlantyca Entertainment has signed a licensing agreement with leading Greek Publisher, Hartini Poli Editions of the NAKAS GROUP, to produce an extensive line of gift and stationery products for their globally popular Geronimo Stilton brand.

The deal expands the relationship between the two companies; NAKAS GROUP is Atlantyca’s publishing partner for Geronimo Stilton Comic Books in the country.

Set to be in stores in Greece and Cyprus by spring 2022, the NAKAS products will include pencils, pencil cases, stamps, puzzles, board games, stickers sheets, mugs, keychains, notebooks, calendars, activity kits, stationery sets and much more.

“We strive to always build on our partner relationships,” says Marco Piccinini, Licensing & Agents Manager, Atlantyca Entertainment. “Geronimo Stilton’s young fans love to have stationery products as part of their school and daily routines.  We are so excited to broaden our relationship with NAKAS GROUP, who are the best at what they do with great detail, and look forward to sharing these products with young children, Geronimo Stilton fans old and new, in the forthcoming year.”

“Bringing what we love out into the world is our top priority,” adds Angelina Papadimitriou, Licensing Coordinator of Hartini Poli Editions. “We are happy to add Geronimo Stilton to our gifts and stationery catalogue. Children in Greece love this sharp reporter and his friends and we look forward to share our new products with all of them.”

From the US | Mighty Mojo Toys named plush toy partner for Geronimo Stilton

The Italian entertainment media company, Atlantyca Entertainment has secured a new US toy partner for Geronimo Stilton, bringing its popular children’s book IP into the plush toy sector thanks to Mighty Mojo Toys.

In a deal brokered by the appointed US licesing agency, Firefly Brand Management, the plush range will be based on the series’ cast of characters to the North American market.

Created by Elisabetta Dami, the adventures of Geronimo Stilton and his family and friends have featured across almost 250 volumes, selling more than 175 million copies in 51 different languages around the world. 

In North America, the book series is published by Scholastic for all English speaking countries, making Geronimo Stilton one of the most globally popular kids’ books series.

Meanwhile, Mighty Mojo Toys has experienced its own success on the global stage, having enjoyed a fruitful run of plush lines for the popular children’s YouTube series Booba, PBS’ Super Why, and the Instagram celebrity, Doug the Pug.

The toy firm’s most recent releases include several officially licensed products from Spin Master’s Etch-A-Sketch.

“We’re so excited to be collaborating with the Geronimo Stilton team,” said Arash Maghaddam, CEO of Mighty Mojo Toys. “As fans, we’ve been watching its popularity explode over the years and cannot wait to share what we have in store for Geronimo and his friends.”

Cynthia Modders, president of Firefly Brand Management, added: “We are thrilled to be working on expanding the Geronimo Stilton programme with Mighty Mojo Toys. Geronimo Stilton is one of the best selling children’s books series, the famed mouse journalist is loved by children everywhere, maintaining a huge young fan base who are certainly going to enjoy these devoted character plush and toys.”

Atlantyca Entertainment’s Bat Pat arrives in the UK, US, and Canada via HappyKids channel

Atlantyca Entertainment has partnered with Future Today for a deal that will see 52 episodes of its popular animated series Bat Pat broadcast on the kids and family channel, HappyKids across the US, UK, and Canada.

Available from February 8th, the first season of Bat Pat follows the animated adventures of Bat Pat and his friends Martin, Leo and Rebecca Silver as they cross paths with supernatural creatures that haunt every corner of their hometown Fogville.

According to Atlantyca Entertainment, the series has been warmly received by audiences across the globe, and through its partnership with HappyKids will now be able to hit a target age group of kids across the UK and the US.

“Bat Pat is a captivating animated series for young children. Our new partnership will allow our audience to be entertained by this wonderful series,” said David Di Lorenzo, SVP, Kids and Family at Future Today. “We are happy to be working with Atlantyca Entertainment to provide broader access to their extensive library of quality and engaging children’s content.”

The first season of the series, produced by Atlantyca with the participation of Rai and RTVE, has been sold to more than 100 countries including Italy, Spain, US, UK, Benelux, Sweden, Lithuania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East, where it has achieved great success.

In 2019, the second season of the series debuted in Italy and Spain, with 52 brand new episodes even scarier and more fun. The second season is a Mondo TV Producciones Canarias, Bat Pat AIE co-production with the participation of Rai Ragazzi and Clan TVE.

The HappyKids channel is both free and COPPA compliant, and is available across numerous streaming platforms and devices, including Roku, Apple TV, AndroidTV, Amazon Fire TV, Comcast Xfinity, Cox Contour, iOS, Android, and most recently, as a linear channel on Vizio Smart TVs.

Geronimo Stilton becomes the official children’s virtual tour guide of Pompeii

Atlantyca Entertainment’s Geronimo Stilton has become the official virtual tour guide for children visiting the UNESCO World Heritage’s Archaeological Site of Pompeii. The first video tour of the special campaign is now online and across all of Pompeii’s social media channels and websites.

Under the partnership, two more video tours will be launched in the forthcoming months. The agreement initially provides for maps and guides which will be followed by video content featuring the mouse journalist Geronimo Stilton as he accompanies fans on a visit of the archaeological sites, highlighting its history and monumental beauty.

The Archaeological site of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Oplontis/Torre Annunziata together constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A World Heritage Site is a cultural or natural landmark that has been recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). These sites are deemed worthy of preservation due to their universal value to humanity, both today and for future generations.

The Archaeological Areas of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata’ was listed as World Heritage Site on December 6th, 1997, as Site number 829.

“We are so honored,” noted Atlantyca Entertainment’s Claudia Mazzucco. “Having Geronimo Stilton as an official guide for children, to introduce them to some of the greatest monuments and stories that Pompeii has to tell, is like another adventure.

“This special initiative perfectly combines Geronimo Stilton’s innate curiosity and renowned passion for sharing stories that encompass history, art and nature.”

Geronimo Stilton lands children’s notebook success with Italy’s Blasetti

Geronimo Stilton has landed on a new range of kids’ notebooks courtesy of a new partnership between Atlantyca Entertainment and the Italian paper goods manufacturer, Blasetti. 300,000 units of the new Dinosaur and Dinomania themed notebooks have already been distributed across the region.

The limited edition collection is currently available across 2000 stationery stores throughout Italy.

The colorful animated covers feature pictures taken from a special style guide with the same title, inspired by the adventures of Geronimo Stilton on Meteor Island, the place where dinosaurs never became extinct.

The notebooks are intended for kids personal and school use, as well  as, for games and research when joining their favorite mouse journalist on great adventures.

Derived from an idea by Elisabetta Dami, Geronimo Stilton is the character for whom Atlantyca Entertaiment manages international publishing rights as well as the global animation and licensing rights for the IP.

The Geronimo Stilton book series, published in Italy by Piemme publishers, has become a global hit with over 161 million books sold worldwide and three animated series co-produced with Rai Fiction and distributed in over 130 countries.