Wallace and Gromit take lead role in DFS’ Christmas ad A Comfy Carol

Aardman’s Wallace and Gromit are placing themselves in the heart of UK homes this Christmas, thanks to the pair’s leading role in the furniture specialist DFS’ latest festive advert.

The new heavyweight campaign kicked off last week and has gone on to take primetime slots in TV scheduling, including centre breaks during Coronation Street on ITV.

Called A Comfy Carol, the campaign is the result of a collaborative effort between Aardman Animation and DFS and brings the beloved duo – as well as sleigh load of carol singing sheep – back onto the TV screen in the lead up to the festive season as Wallace and Gromit do the rounds with a bit of sheep-infused-carol singing.

The ad spot has been directed by Aardman’s Will Becher, and features Wallace’s newest invention, the Ewe-phonia – a prodding device that prompts the choir of sheep to bleet out their own rendition of Deck the Halls.

Check out the latest TV spot below: