Squirrel Media Group agrees Mondo TV Studios purchase

Published on: 14th April 2023

Under the terms of the agreement Mondo TV Studios would be integrated into Squirrel Media.

Squirrel Media has announced it has reached an agreement with Mondo TV – one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content – through a binding letter of intent for the integration into Squirrel Media of Mondo TV Studios.

Squirrel Media, a communication technology group chaired by Pablo Pereiro Lage, works globally across four main business areas: advertising, communication media, content (creation and distribution of all types of audiovisual content) and technology (TMT services).

Under the terms of the agreement, Mondo TV Studios would become part of a leading Spanish group in technology within the media sector. The company would join Squirrel Media’s content business segment, creating a new animation vertical to produce and distribute new IPs, and at the same time offer animation services as a recurring activity engine, along with the distribution of animated content. It would also develop and build on synergies with the other business units that make up the Squirrel Media Group.

Although Mondo TV would join Squirrel Media Group, it will retain its brand identity and entire organizational structure, maintaining the management team led by CEO Maria Bonaria Fois along with the operational team.

“The acquisition of Mondo TV Studios, with its animation studio and its catalogue, is deeply valuable for our growth strategy, since it will mean adding to the group one of the largest European producers and distributors of animation content,” commented Pablo Pereiro Lage, president of Squirrel Media. “In addition, it will consolidate our leadership in the creation and distribution of content in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian,”

“The integration of Mondo TV Studios into a group with exponential growth projections such as Squirrel Media is an undoubted high point for our strategic growth plans,” said Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO of Mondo TV Studios. “We are grateful to Mondo for supporting us throughout all these years and helping us to reach this stage in our development. We are proud of our achievements and looking forward to a very bright future. We will continue to work hard on our traditional business lines, exploring synergies with the other Squirrel Media companies, as well as offering our much-admired international animation services and continuing to develop IPs that add value.”


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