Skateboarding brand DGK carves out new Otter Pops collab for US nostalgia chasers

The skateboarding and lifestyle specialist, DGK has struck up a new partnership with Jel Sert to bring the popular US brand Otter Pops onto the skating scene with a new, nostalgia-driven collection of apparel, accessories, and skateboards. The deal was brokered by the licensing agency Lisa Marks Associates.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Otter Pops, the capsule collection will be launched with Zumiez and other key DGK accounts.

Founded in Hollywood in 1970, Otter Pops is a beloved treat and pop culture icon that has captivated hearts across the US for generations. Otter Pops is widely recognised as the number one selling ice pop on the west coast with national distribution and a cast of classic characters.

DGK is Dirty Ghetto Kids, a clothing, skateboard, and accessories line created by Stevie Williams in 2002. Growing up on the streets of Philadelphia, Williams and his crew of friends took to calling themselves “Dirty Ghetto Kids”. Years later, Dirty Ghetto Kids is now seen on street smart folks all over the place, with worldwide recognition of the DGK brand, and its graffiti-inspired designs.

“The new DGK x Otter Pops program will be loved by DGK and Otter Pops fans across America,” said LMA president Lisa Marks. “What better way to celebrate fan favourite Otter Pops 50th Anniversary than with an awesome DGK tee shirt, sweatshirt, socks and skateboards.”

“Otter Pops is essential to the streets like DGK,” said Williams, founder/owner/pro skateboarder of DGK. “The best go-to freezer snack in the game mixed with skateboards. A true kids favourite.”

“We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity and timing to partner with DGK for Otter Pops 50th Anniversary,” said Kyle Harrington, brand manager of Otter Pops. “An Otter Pop in one hand and a skateboard in the other – name a better combo.”


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