New partners include Forbidden Planet, Sodirep Textiles Group and Cook and Becker.

SEGA Europe celebrates 25 years of the Mega Drive with new retro partners

SEGA Europe is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Mega Drive console with a number of new retro partners and the development of the first SEGA retro style guide.

New partners include Forbidden Planet for a range of gift and novelty items including mugs, passport holders, greeting cards and T-shirts.

Forbidden Planet launched the new range with a window display in its London flagship store as part of a 16-Bit Summer Campaign.

“The new style guide has allowed us to tap into the rich imagery and iconic logos of SEGA’s classic IPs and create a range of merchandise that will remind fans fondly of the 16-bit era of gaming’s past," said business development manager at Forbidden Planet, Alex Carter-Jones.

Sodirep Textiles Group has signed for adult apparel for France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The first of the range to launch will be a T-shirt in September for Carrefour France.

In addition, Cook and Becker have produced limited edition art prints featuring artists creating prints of their favourite classic SEGA games.

Among the artists is fantasy illustrator Kilian Eng, Marvel and game concept artist Gerald Parel and artist Julien Renoult, who was the lead concept artist on Sunset Overdrive. The prints are sold online for an RRP of £75.

SEGA Europe’s new comprehensive retro style guide features artwork from titles including Golden Axe, Ecco the Dolphin, Streets of Rage, and Revenge of Shinobi, as well as art inspired by the Mega Drive and Master System.

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