Explains why The Avengers won't let Spider-Man play with them.

Sci-fi site infographic details which film studios own which Marvel characters

Ever wondered why Nick Fury didn’t invite Spider-Man, the X-Men, or the Fantastic Four to help out when The Avengers found themselves in a pickle?

Well, sci-fi site The Geek Twins has created an infographic explaining which film studios own the rights to which Marvel characters, and why certain legal wranglings have keep characters seperated.

In the 1990s, Marvel Comics started selling the movie rights for their characters to different studios, but when Marvel Studios was founded in 1996, the firm began buying back the rights to certain characters.

While this has allowed the likes of Iron Man, Thor and Hulk to share one world on the big screen, studios like Sony Pictures and Fox still own the rights to other iconic characters, thus making some superhero cross-overs near impossible.

Take a look at The Geek Twins’ infographic below to see exactly who owns what:

The next offering from the world of Marvel to land in cinemas is Captain America: The Winter Soldier (from Marvel Studios), on March 28th.

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