Redbubble introduces its new video game merchandise platform (Video Games Month)

Can you give us the pitch for Redbubble’s video games art platform?

With 10 million unique visitors per month, Redbubble is currently the largest print-on-demand product marketplace in the world. We recently began to offer a turnkey solution for merchandising that can deliver, in real time, the type of extreme product diversification today’s fans want. We are able to provide that through a unique mix of e-commerce, print-on-demand and fan art licensing technologies. We want to partner with publishers and developers to serve their biggest fans in new and innovative ways and to help them generate incremental licensing revenue doing it.

We’re working to enable rights holders to harness the collective creative power of the community of over 400,000 independent artists on Redbubble, not to mention the production and distribution agility of our network of 3rd party fulfillers that, altogether, are capable of producing and delivering 62 different types of products to consumers in 55 countries in 7 days or less – all on-demand. Our platform can help brands across the entertainment industry capture value from unpredictable trends and hits involving their IP, which have long gone unmonetized, as well as from the growing long-tail of superfan demand for niche, unique and one-off products that allow them to express love for their favourite games in an authentic and individual way.

We want to partner with publishers and developers to serve their biggest fans in new and innovative ways and to help them generate incremental licensing revenue doing it.

Rodrigo Velloso, Redbubble

What was your involvement in Licensing Expo?

We attended Licensing Expo for the first time to soft-launch Redbubble’s new partnership program. The show presented a unique opportunity to meet with many different rights holders and discuss the three aspects of the program: intellectual property management, fan art licensing and direct-to-retail. We are seeking a strong and diverse group of beta-partners to fine tune and launch the new program with us.

How can video game brand rights holders get involved in the platform?

Selling on Redbubble could not be easier (check out

And we encourage game developers and publishers who are interested in learning more about our new partner program to contact us at

Do you have any licensors on board at this stage?

Several independent developers have shops on Redbubble (eg. RedHookStudiosBendy and the Ink MachineRobocraft) and we have intellectual property management partnerships with almost 100 rightsholders, but fan art licensing at scale is a capability that we’ve only just begun to offer and that we’re very excited about. 

Do you have plans to expand the platform in the future?

Once we’ve built out and integrated the content management, licensing and sales functionalities that licensors need to manage and grow their businesses on Redbubble, our next objective will be to provide our partners with marketing and artist engagement tools that allow them to better connect with both artists and consumers. For example, our team is already working on branded home pages on Redbubble where, in addition to controlling signage and integration with their overall digital presence, partners will be able to showcase collections of products featuring the best of licensed fan art alongside their own uploaded designs.

Anything to add?

For us this is all about serving the wonderful community of independent artists who are active on Redbubble. They are so talented and passionate about a great many things – especially their favorite games, films, shows, music, books and fellow artists – and we want to make it possible for them to create with their favorite subject matter in a way that is comfortable for the creators who inspire them and to also benefit from their contributions. 

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