Fun fitness guides on the way for kids including activities and healthy eating tips.

Power Rangers and Saban team up with Fit for Sport

The Fit for Sport initiative has teamed up with Saban Brands and its Power Rangers characters to launch a fun fitness guide for children.

Through the Power Rangers emPOWER programme, the Rangers will aim to educate teachers, kids and families on how to put their core values of teamwork, confidence, health and physical activity into action.

"Being physically and mentally fit is essential to the success of the Power Rangers in every mission they undertake and this is also what Fit for Sport stands for," said Gustavo Antonioni, MD consumer products EMEA at Saban Brands.

"We are proud of our partnership with Fit for Sport as its extended school and camp programmes perfectly embrace the core values of the Power Rangers and encourage children to live healthy and active lives."

The guide will launch across 500 schools and camps nationwide, with children being encouraged to take on Fit for Sport’s Activity Challenge. This tests children’s agility, balance and coordination and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Dean Horridge, CEO and founder of Fit for Sport, commented: "We strive to keep our activities as engaging as possible and partnering with Saban’s iconic Power Rangers will give the kids extra excitement and motivation to get moving. Kids look up to Power Rangers and this guide, combined with our challenge, will showthem how to power up their activity to ‘super hero’ levels."

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