Oddbods’ rise to TV ratings fame excites creators, broadcasters and licensees

Animated TV and online comedy series, Oddbods is enjoying a stellar rise to success according to the latest TV ratings.

In the UK, the show has quickly risen to become one of the top five shows currently airing on CITV for 2016, while the series has been viewed online over six million times.

Last year, Oddbods was placed as one of the highest rated kids’ TV shows of 2015 in the UK, despite not making its debut until late in the year. 

Following the series’ recent propulsion to popularity among audiences that cross the age ranges, ITVS GE’s SVP head of global merchandise, Trudi Hayward has likened the new series to the likes of past successes including Minions, Tom and Jerry and more.

“Every so often animated characters come along whom everyone just seems to fall in love with,” she said.

“In the past this has been iconic characters such as Tom and Jerry, or in more recent times the highly successful Minions. Characters and shows like these have a universal appeal because of their conceptual simplicity combined with good old-fashioned fun.

“Oddbods is certainly one of these types of show, not least because of the fantastic quality of storytelling and cinem-quality production, but also because the slap-stick, dialogue free concept that works so brilliantly for the multi-screen generation.”

Over the course of winter 2015, One Animation – the team behind the Oddbods series – detailed new partnerships and deals signed to expand the Oddbods brand into the licensing arena, including plush toys and play-sets, as well as apparel and giftng.

“We are focused now on maximizing the impact the show can make across a range of platforms and are looking forward to making some further announcements relating to this shortly,” said Sashim Parmanand, CEO of One Animation.

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