Nintendo’s Super Mario to spring into Minecraft this summer

Nintendo’s favourite plumber Mario is joining the world of Minecraft in a videogame crossover that’s sure to have fans crying tears of joy.

The videogame creators hinted that a crossover of this kin was one the way last year when the hit Minecraft game was launched on Wii U.

The firm has now confirmed that Super Mario will indeed be taking on the now iconic blocky form with the release of the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack, scheduled to land on May 17th.

The pack will be available as a free update for owners of the Wii U version of the game while a retail version of Minecraft will ship in June featuring the Mario content.

The new version will allow players to skin their Minecraft characters with Mario, Princess Peach, the Koopa Kids and more as well as feature Super Mario’s classic textures and items and add musical tracks from Super Mario 64.

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