"Definite opportunity to marry the right kind of brand with it" says MD of UK guitar manufacturer.

Nineboys looking to break into licensing arena with home-made blues slide, The Wedge

UK guitar manufacturer Nineboys is looking to break into the licensing market with its quirky home-made blues slide – The Wedge.

Inspired by cult film It Might Get Loud, featuring iconic guitarists Jimmy Page, Jack White and U2’s The Edge, the unusual instrument ismade from a recycled roofing truss, a reinforced tin can and an electronic pick-up.

The inspiration came from the opening sequence of the film in which Jack White constructs his own Wedge using similar materials and then proceeds to play his trademark howling electric blues.

The result is a unique instrument, at a low-end price (£95 RRP) which has already become a sought-after item among blues musicians but has also had an unexpected uptake as a lifestyle gift item. The home-made nature of it calls to mind the roots of blues music and the rudimentary sounds on which it is based.

The Wedge works by playing a finger slide over the string (a three-string version is also available) to create different notes. The fret-board is marked out in a blues scale, making it easy for non-players to have success with it straight away.

Such is the simplicity of the instrument that the firm has seen it adopted by some schools for both music education and as a design technology project.

Nineboys MD, Mark Ellis, explained: “There isn’t anything else like this on the market and musicians love the noise they can get from it. But we have also found that the quirky nature of it and its appeal to that mature, mainly male, blues market is seeing a lot of purchases as a gift item, and I think there is a definite opportunity to marry the right kind of brand with it to create something with even broader appeal.

“We have already had interest from retailers who I would never have normally considered as a potential outlet, so I would be very interested to have conversations with brand owners and licensing companies to see how we can take this into new areas. This is not only an instrument, it’s a style item with huge branding potential.”

The firm will be at Brand Licensing Europe next week to seek out new opportunities for the product.

For more information contact Nineboys Guitars on 01284 828933 or email Mark Ellis at mark.ellis@nineboys.co.uk


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