Larkshead announces deals with I’m Hungry Studios and Fabrique d’Images

Media services company Larkshead Media has announced extensive collaborative deals with UK-based media production company I’m Hungry Studios and Luxembourg-based content producer Fabrique d’Images.

The first output from the new agreements will be an original 52 X 11’ 3D series for 4-6 year olds from I’m Hungry called Aniball Island, for which Larkshead will undertake a comprehensive programme that includes development, distribution, investment, strategy, and licensing and merchandising. 

Set among a group of cheerful, energetic, shape-changing spheroids who crash, bounce, spin and dance as they explore, enjoy and sometimes disrupt their colourful world, Aniball Island is a thrilling, fast-paced, fun concept with a lively and catchy soundtrack. 

A bible for the show has now been developed, a trailer will be shown at Mipcom in Cannes, global distribution deals will be sought and a licensing and merchandising strategy is being developed. 

“We were keen from an early stage to bring our ideas to Larkshead Media, a company that we knew had the expertise and experience to take our work to the next level and support it in the marketplace," said Martin Athanasiou director of I’m Hungry.

"We are thrilled with the Larkshead team’s commitment, ideas and enthusiasm, but above all with their support and encouragement.”

Tim Patterson, CEO, Larkshead Media, added: “I’m Hungry and Fabrique d’Images bring powerful creative energy and new ideas to a kid’s programming marketplace where you really have to be good to stand out. Both these companies certainly fit that description. We’re looking forward enormously to a long and productive partnership with both groups.”

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