Just Play brings Sesame Street characters to life

Published on: 26th September 2022

Launching in Spring 2023, Just Play has announced the introduction of its brand new Sesame Street range.

There are few brands as well known and recognised as Sesame Street. The brand is synonymous with essential core values, helping kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder. These key values resonate with parents, carers and gift givers and new master toy partner Just Play will produce high quality toys, designed to support children’s learning and development.

Just Play can now announce a few of the products which will be launched in Spring 2023. Potty Time Elmo is themed around the inevitable development milestone in every toddler and carer relationship and has been designed to come to the rescue, assisting parents during potty-training, providing light-hearted fun and entertainment for the child, whilst helping to reduce the stress for the adult. Potty Time Elmo consists of an adorable Elmo plush who sits on his potty showing children the process required, celebrating success, and announcing when it is time to wash hands. The item is inspired by YouTube content Sesame Street: Potty Time, which has a staggering 22m views.

There is also a new learning phone, Elmo’s Cell Phone, which offers enhanced language features, teaching phonics and numbers and will make an ideal gift.

Just Play also has an innovative collection of figures including some of Sesame Street’s most iconic characters. These figures offer a sensory benefit, providing a satisfying clicking sound as the arms and legs are moved, incorporating ASMR and wellbeing benefits for additional play value and developmental support.

The Sesame Street brand was created to support children in their learning and development journey, and Just Play is committed to building its marketing campaigns around the caring ethos of the iconic brand. It is working closely with Sesame Workshop to ensure that both the product range and the activity is purposeful, and there will be a number of purpose-led campaigns throughout 2023.

With new content to come in 2023, ensuring Sesame Street continues to resonate with today’s pre-schoolers, Just Play is looking forward to an exciting year.


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