Japan opens world’s first real-life Pokémon Gym

Pokémon fans can now get their bead on with Bulbasaur or lift weights with Wigglytuff as Japan opens its first official Pokémon gym.

Called the Pokémon Expo Gym, the attraction opened its doors in Osaka on November 19th this year with the aim of allowing youngsters to train up their pocket monster skills.

The building is intended to be an interactive educational experience for young Pokémon fans, teaching them to communicate with others using video games, while encouraging them to play special Pokémon arcade games, battle and trade with other fans and receive special Pokémon downloads for their game as a reward.

The gymnasium is designed to be a real life version of the Pokémon Gyms encountered in the hit video game franchise.

Frequent visitors to the gym can log their training on a smartphone app and purchase exclusive Pokémon merchandise, including their own special member’s card.

As yet, there is no word of the Pokémon gym experience making to Western shores.

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