JAKKS Pacific extends its global toy partnership with Nintendo for more Super Mario lines

JAKKS Pacific has extended its global toy partnership with Nintendo of America in a deal that will see the toy maker continue to design, manufacture, market, and sell various Nintendo and Super Mario branded toys worldwide.

Over the course of the last year alone, JAKKS has launched a vast portfolio of Super Mario products to a global audience, and has most recently found success with its Super Mario It’s-A Me Mario! and the Boo Mansion play-set. Both performed well with physical and online retailers.

In addition to a raft of new 2.5-inch figures and play-sets coming in spring 2021, JAKKS will launch a broad line of new plush, varying scales of character-based figures, vehicles, and more.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Nintendo which started in 2013 and has allowed us to ship tens of millions of figures to fans of the games worldwide,” said Craig Drobis, senior vice president of marketing at JAKKS Pacific, Inc.

“We have enjoyed celebrating 35 years of Super Mario this year alongside Nintendo. JAKKS will continue to bring to life these iconic characters in a wide variety of new and unique ways for both kids and fans alike.”

JAKKS Pacific is headquartered in Santa Monica, California and manages a broad portfolio of licensed and owned I.P. brands and products. These product lines include best sellers such as Super Mario action figures, multi-packs, diorama sets, plush, RC Racers, windup toys and play-sets.

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