Cases inspired by Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley's favoured boats

Heritage boat makers Chris Craft develop iPhone cases inspired by vintage vessels

The long established heritage boat maker Chris Craft has partnered with Dutch designers Miniot to deliver a range of handcrafted wooden iPhone cases inspired by the firm’s vintage vessels.

The latest product to be developed by Miniot are the fruits of retailer Ship and Duck’s patented online marketplace which brings brands, licensors and licensees together to conceive and develop unique products.

Miniot, independent purveyors of handcrafted wooden phone cases, were identified by Chris Craft via the online marketplace as the ‘ideal partner’ to develop a range based on the boats that luxury-loving legends such as Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley enjoyed in their heyday.

Carved from mahogany wood, the Chris Craft Vintage iPhone case for iPhone 5 and 5S retails at £95.99, while the two toned version combining padouk and maple wood is selling for £125.99.

Francois Carlot, CEO of Ship an Duck, said: "It is fantastic how, in just under three months, thanks to the co-operation and support of Chris-Craft and Miniot, we have been able to deeply understand the brand’s true essence and bring it to an everyday product such as a iPhone case.

"The whole legacy of Chris-Craft’s 140 years of excellence is now at connoisseurs’ fingertips. Even a mass market product such as an iPhone case can become special and meaningful with an insightful approach to the brand, which ultimately benefits everyone – from brand owners to manufacturers and. of course, to customers."

The Ship and Duck online space currently boasts over 150 licensing partners using the ‘unique ecosystem’ and is continuing to build on its existing collection for the new year.

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