Egeez app a ‘gamechanger’ for licensed merchandise shopping

Published on: 3rd March 2023

The new  Egeez app will launch to allow consumers to shop confidently for officially licensed merchandise without the fear of buying bootleg products.

Egeez is said to be a game-changer platform for licensees, licensors, and fans, promoting and buying products from a favourite studio, movie, cartoon, brand, or even colour, geolocated, in their licensed territory.

The app is anticipated to launch soon before Licensing Expo Las Vegas in June and is gearing up to Beta launch. It will be equipped with advanced voice recognition powered by Ai curating shoppers favourite products faster, simply by using their voice to get what they want there and then.

Customers will no longer have to search endlessly online, or even wade through bogus ‘Mickey Mouse t-shirts’. As Egeez is a direct aggregator of licensees, customers can ensure their purchases are legitimate and save time and money.

Egeez verifies all onboarding licence agreements with their copyright holders to guarantee that all of the merchandise featured is genuine and combat low-quality bootlegs. Egeez aims to solve the licensing industry problem with overstock and help them reach a wider audience. Verified licensees can onboard Egeez today and list their entire products catalogue with zero listing fees from any licensed territory as Egeez gears up for its BETA launch. Licensees will also be able to run their business while out and about with the app by switching from customer to verified licensee in Profile Settings to reach more fans.

Paul McGrath, retail and merchandising expert, having held executive roles at Sears, Zellers, Dollar Tree, Rogers – The Shopping Channel, Loblaws and Giant Tiger, said: “Egeez will transform the retail industry for licensed consumer products. No more endless aisles searching, retailers have a limited amount of space they are willing to give to licensed goods. Egeez has no limitations on space, products, or licences. The Egeez model is exactly what manufacturers, distributors and consumers are looking for. – no more listing fees or other costs pass on to the consumer. Egeez can also reach quality consumers actually looking for just licensed products. Target Marketing at its finest.”

Paul added: “Egeez is also hitting on nostalgic cartoons and movies. Nostalgia is super hot right now typical in times of uncertainty and crisis, we go back to things that remind us of times we were safe and secure.”

While a new technological era of automation, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence beckons, promising a second wave of new businesses like Egeez, Canada is recruiting top talent to Toronto, the birthplace of Egeez.

“We wish to collaborate closely with our friends at the studios and reinvent the wheel together. It is time, Hollywood sits down with techy altruistic nerds who want to make licensing a better place, especially in a digital cluttered app-economy,” said founder  Nathen Mazri.

In late September 2022, Egeez closed a seed capital raising a substantial amount from a prominent Canadian IT investor, who understands the market opportunity of a $315b licensing industry as per Licensing International. Egeez is now in Series A Funding already.

Nathen added:  “It feels great to know that we are solving an industry problem and providing a gamechanger solution to all stakeholders. Egeez embraces an exciting digital future curating magical licensed verified products for fans, which never knew existed.”


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