DHX Media acquires Echo Bridge’s children’s TV library

DHX Media has acquired a library of children’s and family television series, feature films and television specials from Echo Bridge Entertainment and its subsidiaries.

The acquisition adds around 1,200 half hours to DHX’s existing library of more than 10,000 half hours.

The international rights acquired, including those for Degrassi, The L.A. Complex, and Instant Star, equate to around 600 half hours of content in DHX’s catalogue and consolidates all rights for these series under DHX ownership, following its acquisition of producer Epitome Pictures earlier this year.

“Degrassi is one of the best-known and most successful teen drama franchises globally and it’s a natural step to bring all rights to the series in-house, along with a number of other titles from the Echo Bridge library," said Josh Scherba, SVP distribution at DHX Media.

"The acquisition adds further depth and breadth to our catalogue and underscores our position as one of the industry’s strongest kids’ content owners.”

In total, the acquired slate consists of outright ownership of 117 titles, and distribution rights for an additional 34 titles.

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