TGI Fridays adds new products to Tesco range

TGI Fridays, the iconic American Bar & Grill, has continued its collaboration with SV Cuisine to launch the new restaurant-inspired BBQ Beef Brisket and Buffalo Chicken Wings, in a partnership brokered by TGI Fridays’ global licensing agent, Beanstalk.

Alongside the launch of these new dishes, the TGI Smoked Pork Ribs with BBQ Sauce has been extended to additional Tesco stores.

“Building on the success in Tesco of our TGI Smoked Pork Ribs with BBQ Sauce, we have successfully widened the offer of TGI products to Tesco shoppers,” says James Conway, Head of Sales at SV Cuisine. “Supported by in-store and online promotional activity, the TGI Fridays brand is set to reach additional shoppers and new levels of sales.”

“We’re excited to see this range in the UK’s biggest supermarket continue to grow, through our partnership with TGI Fridays and SV Cuisine,” says Louise French, Senior Vice President at Beanstalk. “With the addition of these new dishes and the roll-out of the range across even more Tesco stores, TGI Fridays continues to offer consumers even more ways to recreate the TGI Fridays experience at home, for the whole family to enjoy!”

The TGI Fridays BBQ Beef Brisket and Buffalo Chicken Wings are available in Tesco stores and online now.

Rubies expands Wizarding World range with new character costumes and accessories

Rubies have helped to bring the magic of the Wizarding World to life through their range of officially licensed costumes for years, being trusted by fans and customers alike to help re-create the Wizarding World in anyone’s home. Now, the phenomenally successful range of bewitching costumes is expanding, with brand-new character costumes including fan-favourites Hagrid, Luna Lovegood and Professor Dumbledore, and Hogwarts House dress-up and accessories.

Rubies have continued to produce some of the most iconic costumes and Hogwarts uniforms from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film series, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. From Gryffindor and Slytherin Robes to character costumes like Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, the costumes have proved to be some of Rubies’ most successful lines for children and adults alike, especially around seasonal events like World Book Day and Halloween.

Rubies is now welcoming a whole host of brand-new ‘inspired by’ costumes, with tutus featuring enchanting metallic Hogwarts House designs, a Hogwarts cape with shimmering detail, and favourite characters like Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Luna Lovegood, Hagrid and Professor Snape. Children will be able to expand their collection of favourite characters from the series, with a wide range of these costumes available both now and in time for Halloween.

Mike O’Connell, Rubies Managing Director, says “As one of our most successful licenses, Harry Potter and the wider Wizarding World has stood the test of time, being popular with generation after generation of children. Our relationship with Warner Bros. Consumer Products has also gone from strength to strength and we are thrilled to be trusted by the global enterprise with their stellar portfolio of characters. Now, we welcome a new collection to one of our top-selling licenses with costumes that have long been sought-after by fans, including the beloved characters Luna Lovegood and Hagrid. We are incredibly excited to see fans’ reactions to these costumes.”

Order your costumes soon from

Nicole Scherzinger makes interiors debut with the Nalu collection

Celebrity Nicole Scherzinger has launched her debut luxury interiors and bedding collection, Nalu.

Designed personally by Nicole over 24 months, the Spring/Summer ’22 Nalu range is inspired by Nicole’s love of art and culture, and connection to her own heritage.

With fourteen options in total, the line consists of bedding [duvet sets and pillowcases], throws and cushions. Starting from £40, Nalu by Nicole Scherzinger is available from Next, Very and Bedeck Online.

During the design process, Nicole used cultural and personal inspiration including beautiful Hawaiian influences and nods to her Asian heritage. The collection includes florals and abstract patterns alongside simplistic woven bedding for those seeking soothing textures for a serene bedroom setting.

Hero pieces include the Dalisay Duvet Cover Set [from £70], with sophisticated silver and fresh white tones, brought to life by a beautifully detailed all-over paisley print. The Palawan Duvet Set [from £70] captures Nicole’s passion for art, featuring watercolour interpretations of Palawan cherry blossoms set against a crisp white canvas.

Nicole has included accompanying accessories such as soft, feather-filled cushions [from £45], warm chunky throws [from £95], lined curtains [from £110], towels [from £14] and robes [from £85] to create a relaxing haven.

Nalu by Nicole Scherzinger has been produced by bedlinen and traditional textile craft specialist Bedeck. A family brand with global appeal, Bedeck specialises in detail and design, which conveys the perfect synergy with this latest partnership.

Nicole Scherzinger says: “I am so excited about the launch of my debut lifestyle collection with Bedeck. My bedroom is my sanctuary – the inner calm I feel when relaxing there is serene and keeps me balanced. This very feeling I wanted to convey when designing my collection. Every colour, texture and stitch has been chosen to calm and rejuvenate your space. The use of delicate patterns in subtle colourways balance and ground. I see Nalu as the ultimate personal luxury for moments of tranquillity and I hope you adore it as much as I do.”

“Nalu brings a beautiful addition to our brand portfolio with products including bedlinen and accessories, curtains, towels and robes – each piece exquisitely designed to capture Nicole’s signature style,” added Bedeck Managing Directors Gary and Andrew Irwin in a joint statement. “Patterns including native florals, traditional kapa block prints, paisley and understated leopard prints all feature. The development of Nalu Nicole Scherzinger has been a collaborative labour of love between Nicole and our design team, resulting in a calming collection for moments of contemplation.”


ANALYSIS I The Insights Family on the booming creator economy

The Insights Family surveys more than 469,040 kids aged 3–18 and 228,800 different parents a year across 22 countries in 6 continents.

Its latest report, Mapping the World of Content, showcases the biggest global trends, developments and opportunities that are shaking up the content space as we see it.

Here, the company outlines how the creator economy is changing – with teens and tweens taking charge.

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Social media has broken down the traditional barriers to entry for content creation. Previously, there were gatekeepers who controlled what content was published in the music, TV, cinema or book industries, making it difficult for creators to independently share their work. The Internet age means that more people now have access to digital tools for creation.

The #1 career aspiration amongst kids aged 13-18 in the UK is IT and computing, emphasising how comfortable teens are in their online ecosystems. Being a YouTuber or vlogger currently ranks at #6 within this demographic, increasing by 73% over the last 9 months. What’s more, the desire to create content for a living has increased in the UK year-on-year by over 35% amongst 6-9 year olds. Globally, it averages as the fourth most popular career aspiration, illustrating the popularity of being a digital creator.

We see a prime example of the creator economy in the growth of TikTok, a platform which has grown in prominence due to the ease of users shooting and editing their own videos. While platforms such as Twitter and Instagram offered short video uploads, TikTok set itself apart by giving kids the tools to create and edit videos on their device, with no additional software or technology required. It is more accessible than YouTube which can require video editing software to make content look professional, not to mention advanced lighting and camera setups top vloggers may use on the platform.

By lowering the creative barrier to entry, TikTok has been able to garner a large audience who wanted to create their own content but may have lacked the means to do so. It is no surprise that amongst UK kids aged 11-18, there is a correlation between the increasing popularity of the platforms and the number of kids sharing their own videos online. Over the last twelve months, the number of teens naming TikTok as their favourite app has grown by 11% whilst the number of teens sharing videos has grown by 28%.

The creator economy has opened up a wealth of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. With the ability to utilise low-cost tools and directly enter the marketplace, kids are capable of building enormous audience advocacy, with scope to leverage licensing deals with brands. Ryan’s World, a vlogger and influencer, is the second most popular YouTuber globally amongst kids aged 3-5. He has a huge presence in the UK, US and Canada and he is a prime example of how kid creators can license their online persona to produce toys for their audience. Licensed toy purchases in relation to 6-9-year-olds’ favourite YouTubers have increased by over 70% in the UK. Creators now have more ability than ever to leverage their popularity in other industries. In the UK, YouTuber related toy purchases have increased +62% year-on-year amongst 3-9 year olds, compared to the +17% growth in the case of films.

The creator economy boom doesn’t stop there. New forms of revenue models are constantly being created and finessed – an evolution that steps beyond traditional confines and offers even more innovation and opportunity. A trend that has grown considerably has been ‘self-referential’ creator content, such as live shopping or gaming content. Going beyond the activity itself and watching your favourite influencer or role-model partake in the activity not only creates a more intimate relationship, but a more informative experience overall, opening up the chance to implement additional commercial opportunities such as advertising or brand sponsorship.

The Insights Family’s new Mapping The World Of Content report discusses the creator economy in further detail and also explores other trends such as platform saturation and digital touchpoints. It is the first report in a series focused on exploring opportunities for brands in the kids and family ecosystem, produced by the company’s new Industry Knowledge team. Download it for free here:

* All statistics are taken from the Kids Insights real-time data portal in the last six months (November 2021 – May 2022)

Q&A: Hannah Craggs of TrendBible

Hannah Craggs is Head of Subscription & Content at TrendBible. She’s participating in a panel called ‘Forecasting the Future of Retail through Consumer Trends’ alongside Sainsbury’s Abi Wilson at the next European edition of Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit, taking place 21 June, at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

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Tell us, who are you and how does your business fit into the licensing eco-system? 

I’m Hannah Craggs, Head of Subscription & Content at TrendBible. TrendBible’s philosophy is one based on deeply understanding the mindsets and attitudes of consumers towards the future of life at home. Companies work with us to better understand future trends for their audience and what will drive their thoughts, tastes and behaviours. A strong grasp of future trends helps brands and organisations make informed commercial decisions. We work 2-5 years ahead of retail to research, decode and deliver how consumer signals will impact product design as well as services, strategies and solutions.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for the licensing industry right now?

The post or “inter” pandemic scape differs greatly from the approaches for retail and consumer connection we’ve known before. This throws up challenges but also exciting opportunities to do things differently. Some of the most talked about within our TrendBible team at the moment are:

  • International restrictions or interruptions to supply chains
  • Greater focus on sustainability
  • Greater focus on true diversity and allclusivity when creating products and solutions
  • How to establish and galvanise IRL (in real life)/immersive/experiential events after the pandemic that support consumer anxiety. This also links to consumers’ buying preference shifting from bricks and mortar to online.

What are the biggest trends you’re seeing in your business sector that impact brands and retailers?

This one’s a huge topic. At TrendBible we are constantly tracking this and some of the biggest trends I’d flag for 2023–2024 link to the above.

As climate change, global inflation and mass disruption to supply chains will have a direct impact on everyday lives and bank balances, there will be a redefinition of home from ‘nest’ or ‘family hub’. Instead, the home will be a space both on and offline that provides shelter, a place to seek solace, experience curated convenience and safety away from an uncertain world. This will lead to:

  • a consumer desire to embrace “savvy spending” and make more future-proofed product investments
  • the rise of resilience
  • the acceleration of tech overall and a greater sense of “tech-ceptance”
  • curated convenience. The acceleration of online commerce has put a spotlight on convenience, with Amazon setting a precedent for ultra-fast, on-demand, and no-nonsense delivery that keeps up with consumers’ changing habits
  • a desire for a localism and slower-paced lifestyles (as well as greater links to nature and sustainability)

Why are you looking forward to speaking at B&LIS? 

I want delegates to feel inspired and excited about the responsibility of rebuilding during (and after) a period of volatility. In an age of uncertainty, rapid change and big societal issues, there’s a need to respond to urgency without panic. We need to be confident in saying hello to the next normal, which will be a journey of unlearning, relearning and radical questioning.

Popeye teams up with mey for sustainable menswear capsule collection

mey, a leading European brand of high-quality bodywear for women and men, has announced its newest capsule collection, featuring King Features’ iconic character, Popeye. The menswear collection, which recently launched online, in mey stores and at selected retail partners, includes a range of daywear and nightwear that incorporates Popeye’s trademark nautical style.

Inspired by the spinach-eating sailorman, the collection includes 12 different styles of t-shirts, nightwear, swimsuits and underwear featuring Popeye-themed designs and colours. The collection is made of sustainable organic cotton with a comfortable elastane component while the styles, except the swimsuit, are also Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified and have the Grüner Knopf state-regulated textile label.

“A fashion icon, Popeye is also known around the world for his nautical style, ocean conservation advocacy and alignment with eco-friendly partners,” says Carla Silva, VP/GM, global head of licensing, King Features. “We are thrilled to collaborate with mey on this new collection that captures his whimsical personality and provides fans with high-quality apparel that is sustainably sourced.”

The mey x Popeye capsule collection is currently available in approximately 450 stores across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux and online at The collection ranges from €29.95- 79.95. adds 13 new creators to its roster of global digital stars, the leading kids and family studio creating global franchises for Generation Alpha, has announced the addition of 13 new creators to its roster of global superstars. The move significantly expands the company’s audience, content library, and original content slate with the world’s biggest kids and family digital stars.

The new creators bring further diversity, broader age ranges and new formats to, which already boasts content and original intellectual property from powerhouse creators like Ryan’s World, Toys and Colors, Onyx Family, Kids Diana Show and LankyBox, the current No. 1 gaming channel on all of YouTube.

In 2021, content was watched for over 4 billion hours across the company’s 44 global distribution partners including AVOD, SVOD and linear platforms in over 129 countries. By integrating these new creators into their unique content distribution offering, is positioned for significant growth in 2022 and beyond. These additions bring the company’s library to over 70,000 videos, cumulating to more than 15,000 hours of content available to streaming platforms for distribution. The company continues to innovate the way it packages content to include new formats beyond its breakthrough MishMash format which transforms short-form videos into twenty-two minute episodes capable of being distributed on all types of premium platforms globally. is also developing original content inspired by many of its new partners, opening up the opportunity for these creators to participate in entirely new franchises that grow way beyond YouTube – following in the footsteps of other originals like the Emmy-nominated Ryan’s Mystery Playdate and the animated series Onyx Monster Mysteries and Love, Diana Adventures.

“The library of kids and family content is unlike any other in the industry,” says Chris M. Williams, Founder and CEO, “Our unique approach to packaging content, as well as our skills in developing original content with the biggest digital stars and creators in the world allows us to supply all types of streaming platforms with proven content and IP that attracts and engages massive audiences everywhere it goes, while providing our creator partners with new opportunities to monetize content beyond YouTube.”

New creators represent a broad range of quality kids and family content genres including gaming, art instruction, preschool animation, edutainment and sketch comedy. They are listed below alongside the number of total views for their channel(s) on YouTube in the month of April 2022.

  • Vania Mania Kids: 222 million
    • Vania Mania Kids stars 5 siblings: Vania, Mania, Stefy, Dasha and Alex! Kids and families around the world join in on their adventures in pretend play through laughter, singing and learning.
  • Hudson’s Playground: 99 million
    • From tractors to bulldozers to balers, Hudson’s Playground has a whole stable of super cool farming equipment that ignites kids’ curiosity about technology, farming, and the great outdoors.
  • Mackenzie Turner: 68.8 million
    • 22-year old Mackenzie Turner loves spreading happiness around the world through gaming and vlog content. Best known for her fun and lively personality, fans love tuning in to watch Mackenzie play their favorite Roblox games!
  • Art for Kids Hub: 40 million
    • Art for Kids Hub is on a mission to teach their fans to learn how to draw! Rob and his family teach a new art lesson every Monday through Friday on their channel.
  • ShanePlays: 19 million
    • Since 2017, fans around the world can’t get enough of ShanePlays’ wild reality-based Roblox movies and machinima.
  • Kamdenboy & Kyraboo: 13.8 million
    • Kamdenboy & Kyraboo are a dynamic sibling duo that uses imagination to conquer the world through learning and play! With some help from mom and dad, Kamdenboy and Kyraboo find fun in challenges, skits, pretend play, and more.
  • Scratch Garden: 13.1 million
    • Scratch Garden creates fun, educational animated content for kids, educators, students, and anyone else that likes laughing and learning at the same time!
  • The Stella Show: 12 million
    • Stella is an effervescent 7-year-old, who creates hilariously entertaining skits and challenges with older brother, Jameson, and her parents, Erika and James.
  • Denis: 7.3 million
    • Denis is an uber-popular gaming creator best known for entertaining audiences through Roblox content that highlights Denis’ friendly and easygoing personality.
  • Koala & Giraffe: 6 million
    • Kids love tuning in to Koala & Giraffe’s “Mini Musicals” that keep audiences laughing while teaching important lessons with humorous nursery rhymes.
  • Kaven Adventures: 5.7 million
    • Kids love joining 6-year old Kaven on epic adventures in-game and in real life! Kaven and his Dad play the hottest kid-friendly games, from trending apps to the ever-popular Roblox.
  • GEM Sisters: 5.6 million
    • GEM stands for Gaming with Evangeline and Mercedes! Fans tune in to watch them play kid favorite games including Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft.
  • Doods: 3.3 million
    • Doods’ clever 3D animations take regular household items and bring them to life by showcasing their unique perspectives in humorous everyday situations.

For more information about the roster of franchises and creators and its premium slate of content, visit

Licensing International appoints nine new board members

Licensing International has announced that nine executives – Casey Collins, Hasbro; Michael Connolly, Retail Monster; Javier Garza, Warner Bros. Discovery; Alexandra Heyd, BurdaVerlag Germany; Tanya Isler, Netflix; Stuart Pollock, Segal Licensing; Marc Schneider, Beanstalk; Kalle Törmä, Flowhaven; and Angell Xi, Jingtian & Gongcheng – have been elected by the Licensing International membership to serve three-year terms on its Board of Directors, effective July 1, 2022.

Steve Scebelo, president of NFL Players Inc., will serve as chairperson and Veronica Hart, EVP of global franchise planning for Paramount Consumer Products & Experiences, will serve as vice chairperson.

“I am so pleased to welcome the nine new members of our Board, whose diverse experiences and invaluable knowledge will help Licensing International support the expansion of brand licensing around the world,” says Maura Regan, president of Licensing International. “I want to thank outgoing chairperson Jay Asher and outgoing board members Sol Armada, Juli Boylan, Omar Fajer, Elias Fasja Cohen, Simo Hamalainen, and Ed Labay for their time and dedication.”

Casey Collins – Head of Licensed Consumer Products & Business Development, Hasbro, Inc.
Casey Collins brings decades of experience and leadership in the licensing industry. He is currently the Head of Licensed Consumer Products & Business Development at Hasbro where he is focused on creating and delivering the world’s best play and entertainment experiences across Hasbro’s Brand Blueprint, through toys and games, immersive entertainment experiences, digital gaming, and consumer products. Collins also oversees Hasbro’s Business Development Department that successfully negotiates and manages Toy & Game licenses with some of the most valuable properties in the industry. 

Michael Connolly – Founder & CEO, Retail Monster
Michael Connolly is Founder and CEO of Retail Monster LLC, an innovative, leading licensing agency with offices in the US and Europe. Retail Monster’s world-class client roster includes the likes of Electronic Arts, Sybo (Subway Surfers), Copyrights (Paddington), Crayola, Moonbug, Minecraft, Hasbro, Sega (UK), and Mattel (UK). Before Retail Monster, Connolly served as head of global consumer products for DreamWorks Animation. In this capacity, he drove the company’s worldwide consumer products business, overseeing a portfolio containing many of the world’s most beloved entertainment franchises including Trolls, Shrek, and How to Train Your Dragon.

Javier Garza – Head of Consumer Products Mexico, Warner Bros. Discovery
Javier Garza joined Warner Bros. in 2001, first serving as senior category manager at the Consumer Products Mexico office before being promoted in 2002 to category director Latin America, overseeing all promotional and branded food deals for the region. Due to his knowledge and experience, he was appointed general manager for the Mexico Office and, in 2006, he was promoted to licensing VP for Latin America & GM Mexico. Garza’s merchandising and retail experience spans many different demographics and includes franchises like Looney Tunes, DC Comics, Wizarding World, HBO, Hanna-Barbera, and Cartoon Network.

Alexandra Heyd – Head of Licensing | Brands & Acquisition, BurdaVerlag Germany
Alexandra Heyd started her career in 2001 in art licensing at ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE group where, throughout her 18-year tenure, she last spearheaded TV, lifestyle, and corporate brand activities. In 2019, Heyd joined German publishing giant BurdaVerlag, where she heads licensing with a focus on brands, acquisitions, and portfolio expansion endeavors. Her focus has always been to create 360-degree thematic worlds for each franchise opportunity through holistic cooperation, out-of-the-box thinking, and the most up-to-date digital assets and state-of-the-art technology.

Tanya Isler – Director of Licensing & Publishing, Netflix
A production assistant role in fashion led to Tanya Isler’s first licensing role. The mix of strategy, negotiation, product development and brand management ticked a lot of boxes for her and that job kickstarted a love of licensing and consumer products that has spanned fashion (Isaac Mizrahi, BCBG), entertainment (Disney), publishing (Time Inc, Conde Nast), Martha Stewart, and now Netflix. Isler believes a diverse membership base that reflects audiences and brands is key to making sure the industry continues to evolve. As a woman of colour who has navigated the licensing industry, she hopes to share her insights and experiences – both professional and personal – in order to help reach this goal.

Stuart Pollock – President, Segal Licensing
Stuart Pollock began his career at Paramount working in marketing at Canada’s number-one theatre chain, Famous Players. There, he worked with studios like Disney, MGM, and Sony to develop their in-theatre marketing programmes. Pollock also worked with WWE to develop a first-of-its-kind in-theatre programme to show their PPV in theatres across Canada. After Paramount, he was recruited by Microsoft to lead strategic partnerships for the launch of Xbox in the Canadian marketplace. In the 19 years that Pollock has been at Segal Licensing he has developed licensing programmes on properties such as Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Crayola, Spin Master, King Features, DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox and Marvel.

Marc Schneider – Chief Financial & Operating Officer, Beanstalk
Marc Schneider is responsible for Beanstalk’s global finance and operations, including management of the agency’s unparalleled financial platforms that ensure clients receive best-in-class financial and operational information and analysis. Additionally, Schneider oversees the U.K. office brand teams and facilitates short-term and long-range strategic planning activities across the company to grow Beanstalk in the U.S. and internationally. He started at Beanstalk in 2013 and has more than 35 years of experience in finance and operations, with a keen understanding of the licensing industry, having held prior finance and operations positions at CBS, Sesame Workshop, and HIT Entertainment.

Kalle Törmä – CEO & Founder, Flowhaven
Kalle Törmä has more than ten years of licensing industry expertise and a deep appreciation for the business model. He founded and serves as the CEO of Flowhaven, a globally renowned technology company bringing licensing to the 21st century by replacing slow progress and complexity with intelligent features and collaboration. Törmä has raised more than $20 million in funding and added the company to investor portfolios, including Canva and LinkedIn. He believes that innovation and education will unlock the next generation of brand licensing success stories. In the last two years, his company has opened offices across five continents and grown to include nearly 100 employees from diverse backgrounds.

Angell Xi – Partner, Jingtian & Gongcheng 
Angell Xi has 25 years of experience in the legal and licensing business, with expertise in IP licensing, art, luxury and fashion fields. For 12 years, Xi served as general counsel, Asia Pacific for GEIP and Ashland, leading compliance for Kering Asia and Michelin China Counsel, which equipped her with solid leadership and sophisticated cross-border business management skills. In licensing, Xi is proficient in providing legal and compliance solutions. For years, she has worked closely with property owners, licensors, licensees, agents, associations, and government agencies to safeguard clients’ interests and promote licensing as platform to empower.




Grow with Peter Rabbit initiative continues during National Children’s Gardening Week

To mark 120 years since the publication of Beatrix Potter’s much-loved children’s classic, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Penguin Random House Children’s has launched Grow With Peter Rabbit in partnership with non-profit garden designers Grow2Know.  This initiative will green-up community spaces across the UK and continue Beatrix Potter’s legacy of conservation.

During National Children’s Gardening week (28 May – 5 June), the initiative will focus on encouraging children to Grow With Peter Rabbit through a series of digital tutorials, school resources and free workshops.

Dobbies are the official garden centre partner for The World of Peter Rabbit this year and will be hosting free Grow With Peter Rabbit workshops in 65 stores across the UK on Sunday 5 June. The workshops will provide a playful introduction to gardening, including making Peter Rabbit ears, exploring a vegetable patch and a demonstration of how to re-grow vegetables with an activity devised by Grow2Know.

The Grow2Know show garden was unveiled to critical acclaim at RHS Chelsea Flower Show this week, while Dobbies scooped three awards for sustainability, innovation and their stand design.

Tayshan Hayden-Smith (pictured above), founder of Grow2Know, has devised four How-To videos to teach children and families simple gardening activities to try at home. These four videos are inspired by The World of Peter Rabbit and will be available online via the Peter Rabbit website from today, 27 May.

During National Children’s Gardening Week, influencers JB Gill – TV presenter and farmer – and Jake and Hannah Graf MBE – one of the UK’s most influential LBGTQ couples – will take part in the #GrowWithPeterRabbit challenge on their social media channels to demonstrate how easy and fun it is to grow your own vegetables at home using simple, upcycled objects and a packet of seeds.

Penguin Ventures licensees have been lending their support to the campaign, including Jardinopia, Enesco and Rainbow Designs, who have offered products and prizes to the campaign. Penguin Random House Children’s have also provided copies of the new picture book format of The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Dobbies will be stocking a range of Peter Rabbit books and merchandise this year as part of the official partnership with The World of Peter Rabbit.

Izzy Richardson, Director Owned Brands at Penguin Random House, says: “Our intention with Grow with Peter Rabbit is to bring the joy and benefits of nature to young children and families in communities across the country. Our partnerships with Grow2Know, Dobbies and our licensees help us to reach and engage with a wider family demographic, whilst at the same time, help us to leverage our IP to continue to affect positive change and drive social impact.”

Sarah Murray, Partnership and Events Manager at Dobbies Garden Centres, adds: “Dobbies is thrilled to be supporting the Grow With Peter Rabbit campaign. Our Little Seedlings Club brings the benefits of gardening to young people within our local communities and we’ve had a great response to the Peter Rabbit partnership. We can’t wait to bring the World of Peter Rabbit and the joy of gardening to families during National Children’s Gardening Week.”

Grow With Peter Rabbit launches today, Friday 27 May, with new How-To videos uploaded to the Peter Rabbit website throughout National Children’s Gardening Week; visit

Dobbies’ Grow with Peter Workshops take place on Sunday 5 June and can be booked for free across stores nationwide here.

Revolution Beauty launches global Love Island cosmetics collection

ITV Studios’ smash hit dating format Love Island and Revolution Beauty, the British-based cosmetics and skincare brand, have launched an exclusive makeup collection. The collection will be on sale as of today (May 27th 2022) globally at, and will also be available at retailers, with an exclusive deal at Walgreens stores in the USA and Boots in the UK.  

The Makeup Revolution x Love Island collection consists of a range of makeup products, all inspired by the various summers of love in the Love Island Villa, which will enable Love Island fans all over the world to recreate the looks of the Islanders.

Adam Minto, CEO and Founder of Revolution Beauty, says: “With Love Island quickly becoming a global sensation, we are thrilled to bring summers in the Villa to life through this limited-edition makeup collection.”

Lucie Stoffers, Head of Brand Licensing ITV Studios, Global Entertainment, adds: “We are super excited to partner up with Revolution Beauty and are thrilled that Love Island fans all over the world will be able to recreate the looks of the Islanders. Revolution Beauty and Love Island are both beloved brands that fit perfectly together!”

Love Island has become a reality television phenomenon with the show dominating social media and drawing in audiences from across the globe. Full of drama, romance, flirting and fun, the series sees its occupants living in a stunning villa in a beautiful location. They are on the lookout for romance but as always, the road to love never runs smoothly, as they must not only choose their partner wisely but also win the hearts of the public. It’s up to the viewers to decide who they want to stay in the show as they watch the relationships develop and ultimately which pair they want to crown the hottest couple on the island.

Love Island is owned by ITV Studios and Motion Content Group Ltd and is distributed internationally by ITV Studios. The hit show has been commissioned in 21 territories ranging from the UK, USA to Italy and Germany and many more.