Blizzard Entertainment taps Erve Europe for Overwatch and World of Warcraft roll-out

Blizzard Entertainment has partnered with Erve Europe to bring its two giant gaming franchises, Overwatch and World of Warcraft to its gaming portfolio. Under the new deal, Erve will serve the European market with an onslaught of Overwatch and World of Warcraft products, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, pyjamas, shorts, socks, hoodies, and more.

Since its launch over 25 years ago, World of Warcraft has proven itself to be a gaming phenomenon, boasting as dedicated fanbase that has helped fuel the success of its five game series, theatrical release, and licensing programme that continues to grow.

Meanwhile, Overwatch has been a fan-favoured franchised since its 2016 debut. The team-based first-person shooter has its own esports league, and its sequel, Overwatch 2, is expected to be one of the biggest upcoming games to date.

“We couldn’t be happier with these two games in our portfolio,” said Tom Fabes, Erve Europe’s gaming license manager. “As I am a fan myself, I know how dedicated the players are to these games. I know people who have been playing World of Warcraft for ten years or more.

“We know our customers are open for these two games, whilst we always keep the target audience in mind. Together with Blizzard, we have set some targets and things are looking promising! Knowing what’s coming up with both games, we are very confident that this is a huge deal for us.”

Activision Blizzard’s vice president of international consumer products, Phillippe Bost, added: “Erve has a great understanding of our DNA and Blizzard fans’ expectation. We are so proud to work with Erve to bring the magic of Blizzard to our community in Europe.”

The first collections will launch in Spring Summer 2021.

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