Award-winning author M.G. Leonard strikes TV deal for Beetle trilogy

The London-based indie producer Nevision is developing a live action adaptation of a trilogy of children’s books from the award-winning author M.G. Leonard.

Beetle Boy, Beetle Queen and the recently released Battle of the Beetles have each been optioned in a deal negotiated with Kirsty McLachlan of DGA.

Published by Chicken House in the UK and Scholastic in the US, Canada and Australia, as well as more than 30 other territories including France, Germany, Italy, China and Russia, the books are recognised as global best-sellers.

Nevision has signed on to produce a live action adaptation of the trilogy for television with M.G. Leonard as screenplay writer, Nigel Pickard as executive producer and Ceri Barnes as development executive.

Leonard said: “Ever since I was little I have been frightened by Creepy Crawlies. Then I found out that beetles can be pretty, brightly coloured – even gold. Others are as strong as in Incredible Hulk, some shoot acid out of their butts, and all beetles have wings.

“My fear has stopped me from seeing how fantastic beetles were, and so I decided to write an adventure with beetles as the good guys, I am thrilled to be now taking this to the next level, writing scripts that bring my characters to life for the small screen.”

Beetle Boy was published in Spring 2016, followed by Beetle Queen in 2017 and Battle of the Beetles in 2018. The trilogy begins with 13 year old Darkus Cuttle’s search for his kidnapped father, leading him to discover a mountain of extraordinary beetles and pitting him against one mad scientist.

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