Asmodee’s Aconyte Books details publishing plans for hit board game IP Zombicide and Terraforming Mars

Published on: 7th October 2020

Aconyte Books, the fiction imprint and publishing arm of Asmodee Entertainment, has detailed a raft of new partnerships with some of the leading names in tabletop gaming to develop a series of novels set within the worlds of a selection of the most critically acclaimed board games.

Kicking off the latest signings, the publishing arm has secured a multi-year agreement with CMON – otherwise known as Cool Mini Or Not – to create a new series of novels set in the worlds of its popular Zombicide range of games.

Having made its debut back in 2012, Zombicide became the first of a wildly popular series of tabletop games that pit players against the walking dead. Featuring detailed miniatures and fast-action gameplay, the games have since picked up legions of players around the globe.

As well as the modern day original, CMON has also developed versions set in medieval times (Zombicide: Black Plague) and far out in the depths of space (Zombicide: Invader). Aconyte now plans to publish novels based on all three settings with the first title expected to hit shops in time for Halloween 2021.

Aconyte publisher Marc Gascoigne, commented: “We love Zombicide, for the all-out mayhem of the game, the passion of its dedicated following – and the lovingly detailed (and incredibly deadly) worlds that its designers have created. There are a whole bunch of stories we want to create, to explore their secrets further.”

CMON’s COO David Preti, added: “We designed the Zombicide games to tell exciting stories populated with iconic characters who had unique personalities that came through in the gameplay.

“We wanted each play session to feel like its own pulp novel. We’re so happy to have a great partner in Aconyte, who understands the world and tone of the game, and is going to put these stories in prose for the first time.”

Continuing its ambitious mission to set up new content platforms for its own and third-party properties, Aconyte has also detailed a multi-year agreement with FryxGames to create new novels set in the world of its own Terraforming Mars games.

Since its launch in 2016, the original Terraforming Mars has been a firm favourite with gamers, and currently sits at number four in the all-time best games list on

Designed by Jacob Fryxelius and published by the Swedish games company set up by him and his brothers, the game has grown in scope with several expansions, and is now available in more than 25 languages. Set in the early 2400s, Terraforming Mars explores the many challenges facing mankind as rival corporations attempt to open up the inhospitable surface of the Red Planet to make it fit for human settlers.

The underlying spirit of the game is one of optimism and scientific progress, qualities the novels will embody.

Aconyte’s Gascoigne, said: “We’re big fans of the Terraforming Mars games, and we’re looking forward to telling epic tales of science fiction exploration and adventure in this exciting setting. We may have our problems down here on Earth, but these novels will provide a much needed escape to a different world.”

FryxGames’s CEO, Enoch Fryxelius, added: “Terraforming Marsis a game of bold and innovative ideas to take on the hostile environment of an alien planet, and turn it into a living, breathing biosphere and a vibrant human civilization.

“We are excited to see some of these ideas come to life and become the backdrop of inspiring stories. Through these novels we hope that more people will be dreaming about Mars and the future of human exploration.”

The first Terraforming Mars novel is expected to hit shops in summer 2021, with several further volumes being planned.


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