Asmodee Entertainment brings board game art work to life in Artovision partnership

Asmodee Entertainment has signed a new licensing partnership with Artovision to bring to life several of its tabletop gaming properties through Artovision’s innovative multi-dimensional art collectables. Under the deal, Artovision will develop pieces inspired by the artwork of Catan, Arkham Horror, Twilight Imperium, KeyForge, and Legend of the Five Rings.

Each property is known for their use of high quality illustrations throughout the game. The move is the latest in Asmodee’s ongoing assault on the pop culture licensing space as the board game giant continues to mine its IP portfolio for partnerships in the wider consumer products and entertainment space.

The development is reflective of the growing popularity of the tabletop gaming scene with many of the Asmodee titles going mainstream or finding new audiences throughout the lockdown period.

The partnership with Artovision will see boardgame artwork now produced as shadowbox and desktop artwork, bringing some of the brand’s most iconic pieces of art to life with a three-dimensional depth. Artovision’s shadowbox artwork combines four layers of full-colour art, each printed on optical grade cast acrylic and assembled within a durable frame.

“It is absolutely fantastic to see what Artovision is doing with iconic art pieces from the  worlds of pop culture. Bringing them to a multi-dimensional medium brings out details  and perspectives in a fantastic new way. I can’t wait to see the fans react to some of the  designs that the guys at Artovision are preparing at the moment,” said Alexander  Thieme, licensing manager at Asmodee Entertainment. 

Stuart Sandler, CEO of Artovision, added: “To work with such an immersive artwork portfolio  is truly amazing for us. Through our friends at Asmodee Entertainment, we are currently  working with the renowned Catan Studio and Fantasy Flight Games studios, creators of  the game franchises, to bring all of our experience in the medium to bear and create  some multi-dimensional art pieces to truly delight the fans.”

Klaus Teuber’s Catan is recognised as a highly visual and engaging game, known for the compelling art style of its box covers, board and other game components. Developed by Asmodee’s  Catan Studio, the modern classic celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2020/21 and enjoys a  great and growing audience all over the globe. 

Meanwhile, Twilight Imperium is a genre-defining strategy game set against the backdrop of a  sweeping, epic space opera with awe-inspiring, epic art to match. The cyber-noir setting  of Android sees mega corporations battling for dominance in an AI-enhanced future and  is, like Twilight Imperium, KeyForge and Legend of the Five Rings, a product of Asmodee’s  renowned Fantasy Flight Games studio.

KeyForge is the world’s first Unique Deck Game,  known for its deep, immersive melting-pot universe where anything is possible, with stunning card art central to its appeal.

The world of Rokugan, home to Legend of the Five  Rings, offers an epic fantasy vista and provides the backdrop for a range of beloved tabletop games.

The chosen properties stand out as some of the most beautifully  illustrated brands to be found anywhere in world, traits which make them a perfect fit  for Artovision’s innovate, ultra high-quality shadowbox and desktop artworks.  

The first products of this collaboration are due to launch in fall 2020. 

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