Art + Science named new licensing agent for Plasticine

Art + Science has been named the new licensing agent for Plasticine alongside the first licensee, The Lagoon Group.

GP Flair has appointed the company to the new role, beside The Lagoon Group, who has designed a line of tabeletop games and co-branded products.

“We are delighted to be working with Art + Science in creating a global licensing programme for Plasticine,” said Andrew McKay, head of product development at GP Flair.

“People of all ages recognise Plasticine and we have long thought the brand lends itself to licensing. We are therefore over the moon that the programme is finally underway with The Lagoon Group being the first licensee.”

Nicola Webster, licensing director at Art + Science International, added: “Plasticine is such a fun brand to work on and we’re delighted to be working with Lagoon Games to create a fun and innovative product range.”

The new products will launch as part of The Lagoon Group’s 2017 catalogue.

Heather Watherston MD at Lagoon, commented: “It’s a fantastic partnership because everyone knows and loves plasticine and what Lagoon can do is turn it into a great gift by incorporating the plasticine into a kit or a game.

“The range, due out in the New Year, includes some very cute animal modelling kits, an Animation Kit and a Beano-themed game.”

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