Art Ask Agency signs Frida Kahlo apparel range with Park Agencies

Published on: 22nd March 2021

Art Ask Agency has signed a new Frida Kahlo licensed apparel collection in partnership with the UK licensee, Park Agencies to bring a 20 SKU collection to the Polish fashion retailer, Medicine.

Nearly 1,000 stores across Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Belarus, as well as online, saw the launch of the new range this week, with items ranging from t-shirts, blouses and denim jackets, to skirts, airy dresses and socks and scarves. The collection features items for both men and women.

“This has been one of my favourite collections of 2020/2021. By designing different pieces inspired by Frida’s unique folk art, we can make sure her iconic style and image lives on. I love every piece,” said Deepal Parmar, licensing manager, Park Agencies Ltd.

“It is hard not to recognize the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Dark eyebrows and red lips are elements of her image that ensure that her character never loses its expressiveness. This is also what the new Medicine collection, inspired by her art, is like – it is impossible to pass by it indifferently. Express yourself,” added the Medicine fashion buying team.

BRANDBQ Sp. z o. o. is the owner of the Medicine brand, which was established in August 2013.

Medicine clothing is created by Polish designers, and famous artists are often invited to cooperate to create unique, limited collections. Medicine focuses on a creative approach to fashion by creating original collections, original prints, and collaborations with young artists.


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