A Royal knees-up: How will you be marketing in time for the Royal Wedding?

Since the announcement was made in November 2017, there has been a countdown to the royal nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Although it isn’t just the imminent wedding that has created royal fanfare. The family has consistently delivered high viewing figures when any related content has been shown on our screens. Not only on live TV but subscription based platforms too. Despite Netflix not providing external data, anyone with a login can see that it is overrun with related programmes from The Royal House of Windsor, The Royals and the infamous The Crown.

As with the previous royal weddings, the day itself is celebrated with global TV, online, press and radio coverage. No doubt with the wedding fast approaching, businesses will be cashing in on different ways to monetise, from selling commemorative merchandise to advertising around spin off TV programmes.

If anyone has switched on their TV recently you would have no doubt seen ITV’s Royal Week, already tapping into public demand for all things royal. We can see from the consolidated data that one of the Royal Week’s programmes ‘Prince Harry’s story: four royal weddings…’ delivered double the average individual 000s vs Channel 4‘s ‘999 What’s your emergency’ that was airing at the same time with 1,039,000 impacts vs ITV’s 2,140,000 delivery.

In understanding the potential demand for Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding coverage it is important to cast our mind back to the last royal wedding.

The BBC’s coverage alone of the 2011 wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge pulled in an impressive 13.5m impacts for all individuals. It proved popular amongst housewives with children specifically with approx. 1 in 4 watching the coverage. Children were also tuning in with their parents delivering approx. 1.39m 4-15 impacts (c.16%).

However for those advertisers wishing to be part of the coverage, ITV was the key alternative for reaching free to air audiences. As expected, viewing was lower due to a number of potential factors including BBC being the trusted public service broadcaster and known landmark for state events. Nonetheless the programme still reached 4.4m individual impacts on ITV, delivering 10% of housewives with children and 542,000 children 4-15 (c.6%).

No doubt when we look back at the viewing figures for Saturday 19 May 2018 there will be a portion of viewers tuning in via other channels including on demand services as well as YouTube and social channels so it is important to not just base popularity on live TV stats. 

However what we have seen from the above is that the royal family proves to be a topic all individuals tune into and a key place to tap into family viewing. 

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